73) Let Go of Control - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome to this space
I am officially
inviting you
to join me
for a very short
and sweet
guided meditation
inviting ourselves
to let go
of control
and surrender this
adorable ego
that constantly
for survival
let's go!
can we just
take a moment
and allow ourselves
to ground
in the present moment
coming home
to right now
and what I'm gonna do
and I invite you
to join me
is just take
some natural
but deep breaths
and allow them
to invite me
into a deeper presence
and then we'll see
what happens
from there
let's just
you know
what I find
fascinating that
arises for me
in this moment?
is it all of my
attempts to control
is really just trying
to control
the mind
is trying to control
thoughts and narratives
and stories
whether it's my own
or even trying to control
other people
might look like
we're trying
to control something
on the surface
but I wonder
if we can just
recognize that
to whatever degree
that we can
that the ego
is in this constant fight
to control
a particular narrative
it's like we're trying
to manage a life
that's live in the mind
and we're completely
missing out
on the deeper reality,
the opportunity
to be present,
the opportunity
to connect
with the sincerity
of what's actually
because when I look
at this moment
right now
I asked myself
what is there to control?
even the breath
happens on its own
which is funny
when I want
to control the breath
then breathing
becomes a little bit
a little bit
as if
it was up to me
that's silly
and I wonder
if this naturalness
of the breath
or life does it all
is not the same
with everything else
we're sure in appearances
it might look like
it's up to me,
it might look like
I'm doing it
but, am I real?
maybe that
can be the invitation
for our time
right now
we can start
by letting go
of control
for the breath
and we can surrender
any thought
any idea
that assumes
it's up to you
in any way
and maybe
even all into
a profound gratitude
that life extends
such a gift
as a breath
that given
without asking
for anything
in return
let's relax
into that
let's go back
to this breath
and let's watch
how as we surrender
as we let go
the breath
infinitely more
let's breathe
I wonder if we can
extend this invitation
to our lives
I wonder
if we can
surrender those expectations
that say
you're the one
that has to control
can we let
the breath
just returned
to the breath?
can we let life
return to life?
can we give people
back themselves
allowing them
to have their journey
and maybe
in doing so
we can finally
come back
to the sincerity
of our own hearts
don't you recognize?
and I say so
I see it
in my own experience
we can get
so lost
with trying
to control things
that we become
so disconnected
from ourselves
It's like
we abandon ourselves
in the hopes of
one day getting
under control
how's that going?
I know
not very good
okay, well
we can come back
to right now
and just
start over
let's take
a few more breaths
with some gratitude
and then
we'll go back
to the playful
of our lives
let's breathe
okay, thank you
for taking this time
to just be
with me

— End of Guided Meditation —