84) An Honest Heart - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

can we just
take a moment
and get really honest
with ourselves
let's drop
into presence
let's come home
to this moment
can we be honest?
about the love
that's inside of us?
that we're not allowing
to flow into the world?
can we be honest?
about the ways
we limit ourselves?
the ways we get
in our own way?
and yet
all the while
there's the sincerity
of our hearts
that simply
wants to play
maybe we can just say
"Oh, my goodness! What am I doing?"
it's kind of adorable
here you are
gifted the miracle
of being alive
and inside of you
is this beauty
this love
this something that
sets your heart on fire
and it wants to be shared
with the world
are you really gonna
waste this life?
hiding behind the monsters?
you imagine?
being worried about
what other people think?
or are you here
to be alive?
to sing your song?
to let your offering
be a great celebration
for the life
you've been given
how much longer
will you wait?
before you give yourself
back to yourself?
before you do
what you're here to do?
what has been the pain
this whole time
that comes with
not allowing yourself
to be yourself
maybe it's just time?
you know, my friend
so often we are
under the assumption that
we're in this life
to get something
this idea that
there's some prize
in the future
and so we tiptoe around
trying not to lose
that prize in the future
we hold
ourselves back
we don't be ourselves
we do
everything we can
to try and control
everything around us
so that we might get
that future prize
this is one of the
great misunderstandings
about being human
you're not here
to get something
because that would imply
that you're missing something
and that also implies
a fear of losing something
you're here
to share something
and you share
what you already have
you are here
to discover
something beautiful
on the inside
of what you are
and then share that beauty
with the world
what are you waiting for?
this is
the grand adventure
of being alive,
of being human,
of being you
let's go play
thank you
for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —