66) Loved, As You Are - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation


Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome, welcome,
can you hang out
with me here
for a few?
in reality?
where there is
a stillness?
that allows all
to be
what it is
this space
where there is
no resistance,
no judgment,
no wanting anything
to be different
in a space
where there is
no resistance
for your resistance
in a space where
there is no judgment
for your judgment
in a space where
there is no wanting
for you
to stop wanting
simply a space
that allows
this is a space
that says,
I love you
as you are
come home
we can just
rest here
we get so lost,
so confused,
so afraid
of our imagination
but right now
we can take
a moment
to just let that go
and connect
with life
with the reality
of what is
while surrendering
our imagination
about what is
let's end with
three deep breaths
that really
invite us
to taste
this moment
to feel it
let's breathe
thank you
for showing up
thank you
for gifting yourself
this moment
thank you
for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —