64) Change Your Mindset From Fear to Love - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome, welcome
we're gonna take
a few moments
and allow ourselves
to come home
and connect
with an opportunity
to transform
our mindset
from fear to love
let's settle in
let's invite ourselves
into this moment
I love this opportunity
to take
just a few minutes
and start over
I'm gonna invite you
to take
three deep breaths
and as you do
let each breath
be a deeper opportunity
to start brand new
let this moment
become empty
let's breathe
as we rest here
in this moment
I invite you to see
that everything
means nothing at all
there's an emptiness
there's a thousand
different stories
you could tell
about this moment
yet none of those stories
are actually happening
you could say
it means this, that
or the other
and yet
all of those meanings
aren't really out there
feel into that emptiness
see that there's
no place for the mind
to land
it's just thinking and thinking
and thinking
naturally this just invites us
into a deeper relaxation
now that we are rested
in this emptiness, this stillness
I invite a playful
examination of your life
can you recognize that
this emptiness is always there?
can you recognize that
we're constantly telling stories,
we're constantly projecting
meaning not really there
and all the while
as we travel
through this emptiness
what we are experiencing
are our stories, our projections,
our mindset
and this mindset
that we might be with
is either
turning everything
into a problem
or turning it
into an opportunity
it's saying that this
that is happening
is somehow against you,
or this that is happening
is somehow for you
this is either a problem
that should not be
or this is an opportunity
for me to see something
more profound
this is either a problem
that means
I'm not enough
or this is an opportunity
for me to see
that I am enough.
you see the profound
difference here?
there's a mindset
that's trapped in fear
turning everything
into a problem
imagining monsters
not really there
and then
there is a mindset
that opens itself up
to the adventure,
a mindset that honors
the beauty of what you are,
a mindset that honors
the opportunity
you've been given,
a mindset that's willing
to learn and grow
and it's worthwhile mentioning
of all the struggle
and the difficulty
you experience
in your life journey
how much of a role
does this mindset play?
how much of the struggle
and difficulty
is a result of believing
you're not enough?
is the result of believing
you're missing something?
is the result of believing
you don't deserve something?
how much is the struggle
fueled by what
we might call a poor
and fear-based mindset?
and if we don't want
to see that
how much are we blaming
the world and other people?
If we can see this clearly
it presents a
profound opportunity
to get in touch
with the power of
transforming your mindset
to see yourself, others, and life
with brand new eyes
and to connect
with a deeper opportunity
to learn and grow
can you breathe in
to that opportunity?
can you be open
to such a transformation?
let's take
three more deep breaths
and breathe into
our willingness
to transform our mindset
our openness
for it to transform
and then
from that space of openness
we'll continue
on in our lives
seeing the opportunities
where we can see them
and letting go
of any judgment
for when we do not
let's breathe
into that openness
my friend
this is the transformation
from hell
to heaven
it is the recognition that
what you experience in life
is to experience
how you see life
it is to experience
what you turn it into
and to deeply see this
you discover a capacity
within you
to turn life
into a beautiful playground
that allows you
to discover something
on the inside
of what you are
and then share
that beauty
with the world
thanks for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —