Spiritual Enlightenment & the Mindset Shift from Hell to Heaven

A “shift in perspective” can make the difference between floating up into heaven or suffering in the dungeons of hell.

Similarly, shifts in perspective can make the difference between…

  • a beautiful relationship and a contentious relationship
  • a joyful career path and a stressful career path
  • a healthy lifestyle and a constant battle that fears sickness
  • a positive outlook on life versus a negative and pessimistic outlook
  • and on and on…

So often, and understandably, we assume that our experience of heaven or hell is determined by circumstance. These are assumptions of separation, declaring that my experience is created by something I am separate from. We assume…

  • the quality of my relationship is determined by the other person
  • the enjoyment of my career is determined by the money or my status
  • my healthy lifestyle is determined by having more free time
  • my outlook on life is determined by the idiots who run the world
  • and on and on…

These assumptions give so much power to that which is outside of you. These assumptions are proclaiming, “I am a prisoner who suffers the actions of a world beyond my control.”

This (incorrect) mindset (belief) presents two options.

  • Option 1: Give up and remain a prisoner, resigning my sovereignty to others and the world.
  • Option 2: Force my will upon the world through controlling others so they cannot control me.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual Enlightenment is a transformation of consciousness that shifts perception from seeing separation (hell) to recognizing the inseparable nature of all that exists, leading toward the perception of wholeness (heaven).

Hell (separation) is the lie. Heaven (wholeness) is the truth. The lie creates suffering. The truth brings wellness in all areas.

Spiritual enlightenment” is the macro shift—the big shift between heaven and hell, salvation and damnation. Before this big shift, there are 1,000 micro shifts, smaller shifts that help us reach the big shift.

When people come to me and ask for help in making a big shift towards spiritual enlightenment, my response is to inquire about the small shifts they're making in their everyday lives. This is where the real work is, and it’s this real work that people desperately want to avoid.

“Help me get to the end,” they say.

“I can only help you on the journey,” I respond.

I cannot help you escape your life, but I can help you see your life with brand-new eyes, so you can see the gifts and opportunities you haven’t yet seen.

Everyday Mindset Shifts

The human journey is a journey of seeing things more clearly, seeing more of what IS true (wholeness) while releasing what is not true (separation).

It's very simple, in theory.

However, the journey itself is equivalent to a worthwhile battle against our demons, fears, and the lies we tell ourselves. No, It's not easy; it’s challenging, it’s an adventure, it’s an opportunity to grow.

Here’s something I posted in my solopreneur group business coaching program

Here's something PROFOUND to consider… How much of your lack of progress and not thriving in business, is the result of LIMITING BELIEFS, instead of limited opportunity or resources?

You can replace “business success” with any other area of your life.

This question above, as it relates to any area of lack and limitation I might be experiencing, invites me to take a moment and be still, stop blaming circumstances, and get profoundly more honest with myself about how I am creating the difficulty through how I perceive (my mindset).

Based on my experience, the depth of heaven I experience in all areas of my life (personal, relationships, and business) is limited only by my own limiting beliefs or incorrect perceptions.

I have to really look at the difference between what I think is happening and what is really happening. I have to look at where I’m giving my power away.

I have to get in touch with what is real and true, and release my grip on the lie.

  • Sometimes, it's super easy.
  • Sometimes, it's really hard.
  • Sometimes, it's embarrassingly humbling.
  • Sometimes, it's very scary.
  • Sometimes, it may be a combination of all of them, or something in between.

Where to Start & How to Make Progress?

Well, if you're reading this, then it sounds like you've already started; so that's cool. I would also assume that you've already made some progress; so, again, that's good news.

Is it too simplistic to just say “keep going”?

Three things….

  1. Start where you are, right now.
  2. Tiny shifts today, add up to bigger shifts tomorrow.
  3. Keep going, with a deeper openness that’s willing to learn and grow.

From my perspective, I want to support you on this journey. That is part of the reason I take the time to write these things and create lots of free content. Maybe it's helpful, and maybe it's enough. Perhaps it's all I can do to support you.

Beyond the content I create, the next best option is to support people more directly by helping them examine their everyday experiences and see the deeper opportunities more quickly, with a degree of support that we'll call a “safe container.”

I’m always on the lookout for people I could potentially support more directly, those who would appreciate me as their “sidekick,” so to speak – for 6 months or a year, to help them navigate life and see themselves and others more clearly; experiencing more wholeness and less separation.

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