59) It's Time To Grow - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome to this
super short and sweet
guided meditation
the invitation today
is to rest and relax
and open ourselves up
to the possibility
of growing
in this life
the opportunity
to expand,
to learn,
to experience new things
that allow us to invite
more love, compassion,
and freedom
into our lives
let's ground into
the present moment
and we're gonna do so
by allowing ourselves
to take
three deep breaths
and with each breath
we're simply
going to invite
more and more presence
let's breathe
to be human
is an adventure
and in every adventure
there's the opportunity
to grow
because on this adventure
we understand
where it is
we'd like to go
what we might like
to experience
if we're going
to get there
we're going to encounter
a bit of a battle
we're going to have
to face our fears
we're going to have
to test the boundary
of our comfort zone
because this is
what's going
to allow us
to see things
we didn't see before
If we really want to grow
I invite us
to embrace
this adventure
that it's not
supposed to be easy
can we welcome such a challenge?
can we see that it's worth it?
and if we can't see
that it's worth it
and we would like to see
that it's worth it
then let's see
just how easy
that is to see
because your desire to grow
shows you the pain
of not growing
and we can be honest
with ourselves enough
to see that
the disappointment or the dissatisfaction
that we might be experiencing
the limitation
is only a reflection
of where we have
not yet grown
and if we're going
to experience
more of what
we desire to experience
we have to grow
into that experience
so you can stay stuck
where you are
in something
that's probably
a little bit hard
or you can choose to go
on an adventure
that will also be a little bit hard
and learn and grow
in ways that teach you
how to connect
with what you crave
do you see this?
that it's hard in both directions
to not be honest
in your life
creates a hard life
to be honest in your life
is sometimes hard
to not grow is hard,
to grow is hard
and so if
it's gonna be hard
in either direction
then let's pick a direction
where the difficulty
is worth it
maybe it's time
to grow
thanks for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —