50) Check In, Beyond the Story - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome to this
meditative space
can we just relax
for a moment
spend a few
minutes together
and maybe we
can allow this
to totally not be
a serious thing
let's ground in
to the present moment
and just remember that
here we are
right now
let's take
three deep breaths
and just invite ourselves
to come back
to right now
let's breathe
I want to invite us
to recognize
the adorable silliness
in believing
the mind's content
and of course
for us to do that
we have to look at it
without any judgement at all
we can simply be curious
fascinated even
but just recognize
the capacity for the mind
to believe it's stories
to think things are happening
that aren't actually happening at all
it's fascinating isn't it?
it's also beautiful
beautiful that we could tell
such amazing stories
and furthermore
that we can feel those stories
even if they're scary
and that's beautiful because
whatever you're imagining
it's not really happening
So I invite us
to not only
recognize this
but to rest in that
place in between
where there is
this moment
right now
and then your capacity
to imagine all sorts of things
and in the middle
there is a stillness
it's a stillness
that allows for nothing
and a stillness
that allows for everything
all the stories
let's take three deep breaths
and just rest in that
space in between
and maybe celebrate
a little bit
that nothing's actually happening
let's breathe
it's perfectly fine
to tell stories
it's a gift
this something we called
"The Imagination"
it's where creating begins
but let's…
if we can just be
a little bit more aware
that the stories
are just stories
okay, go play
thanks for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —