49) Release - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome to this moment
we're going to do a
super quick meditation
that invites you
in a very simple way
to just release
"release, what?" you might ask,
it doesn't matter
just release
we're going to ground ourselves
into the present moment
by taking three deep breaths
and as we inhale
we're going to acknowledge
that we are here, right now
and then as we exhale
we're going to release
anything and everything
that is not here in this moment
let's take three deep breath
let's breathe
let us just recognize
that any and everything
that might be bothering you
it's not actually here, right now
it's not reality that bothers you,
it's the mind's content,
it's the imaginary monsters
we don't need to spend
a bunch of time
trying to figure them out
we can just come home
we're going to do
that breathing exercise
one more time
on the in-breath
we're just remembering this moment,
we're remembering that
life is here, right now
and allow ourselves to connect
with what is real
and on the out-breath
we're simply releasing
whatever you want to release
acknowledging, that it's not here
so let's take three more deep breaths
let's breathe
beautiful, okay
it might try and come back and haunt you
that's fine
but maybe we can just remember that
it's not actually here in life
and so we can just come home
let the mind do what the mind does
but remember where you really are
you're here, right now
and there's nothing in the mind
that can actually touch you
thank you
for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —