48) Nothing's Missing Now, Go Play - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome to this space
this is going to be
a short opportunity
for us to check in
with the present moment
and recognize
that we are not here
to find anything
maybe more accurately
we're here to explore,
we're here to paint,
we're here to create
let's settle into this moment
let's take three deep breaths
and just invite ourselves
into presence
we can acknowledge
the adorable difficulty
in seeking, seeking, and seeking
looking to find something,
looking to hold onto something,
and even looking to avoid something
this fundamental assumption
that there's somewhere to get to
other than right now
can we be open to the possibility?
the possibility that
life is about this moment
that the prize is already here
all we have to do is look
at our past experience
and everything we chased after
we find ourselves right back here
in the vast emptiness of this moment
maybe we have completely
exhausted ourselves
and trying to hold onto something
that's not ours to hold onto
but, I just invite us
into this moment
and maybe see that even though
you weren't able to capture
this, that or the other
still right now, here you are
and beyond all the mind stories,
beyond all the ideas, assumptions and beliefs
what you are is whole and complete
It's only a thought of something missing
and beyond that idea
here you are, as you've always been
there's the fundamental misunderstanding
that assumes you're in this life
to get something
can you also see that this assumption
says, "you're missing something"
and I wonder if you can see just how untrue that is
that is just another thought
the only thing that's missing
is an idea about something missing
and we get captured by these ideas
but, yet, right now, right here
in the immediacy of this moment
what you are is alive
there is a breath that's given
and the reality of what you are
is extraordinarily supported
by all of life
in this space is a wellness
in this space is a life that holds you
in the totality of what you are
this life even hold space for you
to have whatever dream you dream
to think, believe, imagine whatever it is
you think, believe, or imagine
it's all allowed, it's all held
you're so free, that you are free enough
to imagine yourself as not being free
you're free, you're free to see yourself as less than,
you're free to see yourself as missing something,
you're free to paint whatever picture you paint
this space is a blank canvas
can you step outside the narrative
of who you think you are
and drop more deeply
into the reality of what you are?
most notably seeing
that you are not all of these stories
you are not these ideas
and everything the mind is thinking
it's not really happening
let's take a moment
to breathe into that space
let's take three deep breaths
just breathe
you see, my friend,
understandably and compassionately
we get lost in our own dream
and we get lost in what we think is happening,
what we think we're missing
and that's fine
but there is an opportunity to see
that none of that's actually happening
there's an opportunity
to see how empty
this landscape really is
It's almost like seeing
that there's nothing to get
there's nothing to acquire
we could even go so far
as saying, there's nothing for you to fix
comically, it can be said
that the only thing
that's wrong with you
is that you think
there's something wrong with you
and when you think
there's something wrong with you
playfully again, you start acting in wrong ways
let's recognize
the innocence and all of this
let's come home
to the emptiness
maybe we can just start over,
maybe we can start painting a new picture,
maybe we can recognize
that we're not here to get something
because we're not missing anything
but rather, we are here to discover
something beautiful on the inside
of what we are
and then we can share
that beauty with the world
we recognize that we are here
to share something
which implies you have an abundance of it
for me, this is profoundly more true
I'm not missing anything
I just wasn't seeing myself clearly
and that's fine
as it presents an opportunity
to enjoy the miracle of
seeing myself more clearly
which helps me to see
other people more clearly
and see life more clearly
all right, go play
Thanks for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —