HSEP27: Stepping Out of the Mind and into the Heart

I wonder if we can acknowledge, in the most self-forgiving way (no judgment), just how much our everyday lives are spent in the mind? How often are we just… thinking, thinking, thinking – as if that's what life is about? Then, in playful contrast, how regularly are we connected to, or in recognition of, Life's compassionate embrace?

Life's Compassionate Embrace? Well, yea, for now… those the words that arise when I reflect on what it's like to be rested in, and connected to, my heart. Living Life from beyond the mind is like being in touch with the present moment without a thought process that anxiously seeks something in the future.

Again, thinking about the future is incredibly practical and allowed; there's not a suggestion that says we shouldn't. However, it's wise to recognize, from time to time, any anxiety in the thinking that assumes something important is missing.

Often, with our traditional conditioning and education, there is a degree of importance put on thinking that I feel is a bit misguided and detrimental, if one desires to be connected with their heart. The misguided assumption is that 'thinking' is the path toward answers. In one regard this is true and helpful, but in the other regard it's soul crushing.

I'm going to play here, with words, in an effort to communicate this.

“Thinking” is helpful for practical matters within 4 dimensions, getting from point A to point B across space and time. Playfully speaking, and to illustrate, I would say there's a 5th dimension that relates to our inner experience of wellness, which the mind has trouble navigating. The solution of “being at peace” isn't about getting somewhere, it's about being connected to reality, and the mind cannot see reality; cannot see the 5th dimension.

The 5th dimension is about what's real and true beyond space and time, beyond what the mind perceives, this is also to say… beyond the mind's stories about left – right, forward – backward, up – down, past – future (the 4 dimensions).

Before this gets too complicated, to clarify once again in the way I often revert to, the mind works with imagination. The heart works to connect you with reality and this is also to connect you with what the heart craves in reality – love, compassion, and freedom. Food for the soul; so to speak.

The ability to “step out of the mind into the heart,” starts by recognizing any internal discord, conflict, or lack of wellness that's being experienced. If such an alarm is going off within you, that alarm is actually an invitation for you to step out of the mind and into the heart. It's as if the alarm is saying, “come back to reality.” Because, what's happening in the internal dis-ease, the alarm, is – we’ve become disconnected from our hearts and the mind is trying, but failing, at finding a solution.

If the call to come back to the heart is ignored, and the mind continues its quest for solutions in space and time, the solutions won't really be solutions, rather, they will be remedies that only mask symptoms. For example: if someone cancels plans with me and I get disturbed emotionally, the mind will resort to something like judgment and blame that temporarily deflect the alarm of disturbance. The mind assumes the disturbance is caused by, and within, space and time, and therefore acts in space and time to resolve the disturbance.

Really though… or, more accurately, the disturbance arises through a confusion between reality and imagination. There is identification with the mind's content (imagination), rather than identification with what is real and true. In other words, we are seeing ourselves as in the dream rather than the one creating the dream. This confusion will always lead toward emotional disturbance; i.e., suffering.

The point I'm attempting to make here, maybe poorly 😂 but I'm enjoying myself, is that… as humans, we put faith in the mind to do a job that it cannot really do. Our determination to use the mind, to think our way home to reality, only results in further disconnection from our heart of what you're truly looking for – love, compassion, and freedom.

Sure, the mind and thinking can be helpful in starting the journey back to reality and the heart, but it cannot actually go there. At some point, we must surrender the method of thinking and drop deep into the sincerity of what's actually here and now.

  • Stepping into the heart involves consciously acknowledging the alarm of disturbance rather than deflecting it.

  • Once acknowledged, we make contact with the disturbed aspect of ourselves – not the story, but the reality.

  • This is almost like having the heart be the place of refuge for any hurt you might have, rather than seeking refuge by blaming the world. Because, again, to blame, only works to mask the symptom.

This process can only be done in presence. Meaning, one must come home to reality and truly BE with yourself; maybe… feel your feelings without telling (or clinging to) stories about your feelings. Hold space for your feelings rather than blaming your feelings or blaming others for your feelings (stories).

I completely understand why, at first, this can seem difficult or challenging. Without much experience, and coming from the mind, the assumption is that you must 'do something.' This is trying to solve the problem in the 4th dimension, when it's a 5th dimension issue. This is trying to affect and connect with what is real while swimming around in the unreal.

For most, given the conditioning, they are only familiar with the unreal, the thinking world, and there is a fear that arises when inviting to let that world go. The mind says, “but if I don't do something about it (think about it) then it won't be resolved.” This, again, stems from a misunderstanding about reality, having the assumption that what you crave is not yet here, so you must go somewhere other than 'here,' in order to connect with it.

However, in the 5th dimension, in reality, what you crave is to crave reality. The mind doesn't realize that though 😂, again, given the human conditioning and poor education. If you are going to connect with reality, it's wise to recognize that reality is already here, already present, there's literally nowhere to go and nothing to think about. It's already done; you must just allow yourself to Be Here. This allowing, is also the surrendering of the mind's content; knowing the mind and its stories cannot take you home.

Okay, so that went in a direction I didn't plan on, but I can't say I did much planning beforehand; so, go figure 😝.

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