HSEP26: From Lack 😒 to Extraordinary Abundance 🥳

Once again, we have the playful opportunity to discern the difference between what we imagine to be real, and what is actually real. In the context of lack and abundance, it is important to note that LACK is a construct of imagination and does not actually exist in reality. LACK is a dream that is believed to be real, and with belief in LACK, we both look for LACK and create evidence of it.

Simply by believing in the concept of lack, the experience of lack becomes manifest in our human-dream that we confuse for reality. The lack we perceive appears to be real, but it is only a dream of lack.

The difficulties that come with dropping lack and connecting with abundance stem from looking for these things in the illusion rather than in reality. We are under the impression that lack and abundance are created 'out there,' when in fact, they come from within us. What we see 'out there' is only a reflection of what is being created on the inside. Trying to find them 'out there' is like trying to catch clouds or grasp at a hologram.

You are looking at something that only appears to be there but is not actually there. It is simply reflecting back the world you are creating through your interpretations and projections.

In a direct and compassionate way, if you are seeing lack, you are looking for lack 🤯

What is Lack?

Before we get too deep in the weeds, let's clarify LACK and bring some sanity back to our lives. Lack is simply the perception that something is not enough, incomplete, or missing something for it to be considered whole and abundant.

Lack is an interpretation, NOT a reality.

In a playful way, is the glass half full or half empty? The one who perceives it as half empty will experience lack. To delve deeper, is the loss of a job interpreted as a new opportunity to shine and find a way of serving that's more in alignment for you? Or, is the loss of a job seen as a problem, leaving you feeling like something vital is missing, and that you are less than, not enough, and missing something?

What is Abundance? Here's the kicker, about abundance, that brings a profound simplicity: abundance isn't something you actively create. To imply that it's not yet here is to see the present moment (reality) as lacking abundance. This is where LACK masquerades as abundance. 🤯

ABUNDANCE is the fundamental foundation of reality. It's already here. The question is, do you see it? This is more about UNLEARNING LACK than it is about creating abundance. Just like the rest of the spiritual journey, it's about unlearning all the nonsense you've been taught and reconnecting with the truth of Life, the truth of You, and the truth of everything.

The gift you've already been given, the miracle of LIFE itself, the truth of reality... already contains what you're looking for. You're just looking in the wrong place, in something other than right now, which is also to say... "you're looking for it in the illusion rather than in reality."

Let's dive in...

My goodness, there are so many fascinating things to explore. Come play! Tell your friends!

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