HSEP24: Raptured by the Sacred

Well, this is a super sweet topic; it feels a little bit poetic.

Raptured? Yes, to be fully consumed by an overwhelmingly loving presence that transcends all comprehension; no words can adequately describe it, so maybe we just say we evaporate into the heavens.

There's a sweetness to the experience of seeing life more clearly that I will forever enjoy failing to communicate. It can't be touched by my words, but it's so much fun to try. Just the attempt to do so invites me into a space that's open to seeing more deeply just how beautiful life really is, beyond the monsters I imagine being there.

Spirituality, when not hijacked by dogma, ideology, or a terrified ego, is the sincerest gift that gives ourselves back to ourselves, gives others back to others, and let's go of life, so we can truly see and experience its miraculous nature.

The "Sacred" for me is a word that points to the resting place within what I am that reconnects me to an infinite supply of love, compassion, and freedom. Furthermore, it's a resting place that we all share, and gifts discovered within this space - love, compassion, and freedom - are not mine alone, they are ours, that we share together. These gifts, these fulfillments of everything we crave, are already given to us by life. However, the journey of being human is one where we get to discover that these gifts have been within us, within our hearts, the whole time, patiently waiting to be seen, felt, and shared with the world.

On today's second Live Broadcast for the "Holding Space for Love to Be Seen" show, I'm not sure how I will talk about this subject of the Sacred; however, I am super enthusiastic about showing up and seeing what unfolds.

Naturally, you are invited to join me.

This is a journey that we all embark on, and it's one that I am eternally grateful for. It's a journey that is both simple and complex, and one that is both individual and collective. It's a journey of self-discovery and self-realization, and one that is both personal and universal.

One of the most profound things I have learned on this journey, is that the Sacred is not something that can be found outside of us, it's something that already exists within us. It's something that we already possess, but we just need to learn how to access it.

This is where the beauty of spiritual traditions comes in. They offer us a roadmap, a guide, a set of tools and practices, that can help us navigate this journey and find our way back to our true selves. They offer us a path to reconnect with the Sacred, and to experience the love, compassion, and freedom that is already within us.

But, it's important to remember that the Sacred is not something that can be found in a book, a doctrine, a set of beliefs, or even in the work I do; I can only point, just like all these other tools. It's not something that can be found in a particular religion or spiritual tradition. It's not something that can be found in a teacher, a guru, or a leader. The Sacred is something that can only be found within ourselves, and it's something that we all have the ability to access.

This is why I am so excited to share this journey with you all and the work we do at inLight Connect.

On today's live broadcast of "Holding Space for Love to Be Seen." We will be diving deeper into the topic of the Sacred, and explore how we can access it, and how we can experience the love, compassion, and freedom that it offers.

I hope you will join me, as we embark on this journey together.