HSEP22: The Big 😠, Bad 😤, Super-Cute 😊, Ego 👿

This is going to be fun. During this episode of "Holding Space for Love to Be Seen," my intention is to bring some playfulness as we explore the concept of the 'EGO.' Commonly, in spiritual and other social circles, the ego is seen to be something that's 'bad' or 'in the way.' This can create the impossible quest of trying to get rid of it.

As with all my pointings and sharing, I invite a transformation in how we see, rather than trying to get us to 'do' something. As we bring healing to how we see— how we see Life, others, and ourselves. The natural consequence is a deeper connection with what it is we are truly looking for.

In the context of "ego," I would suggest that our difficulty is not the ego itself, but rather, the difficulty arises in our misunderstanding of what the ego is and is not. Once we clarify our confusions, which also relaxes our resistance, we can begin to introduce a bit more compassion for this imaginary character (ego) that can struggle so intensely in this human experience.

What I love about this recognition, or at least... a willingness to see that the ego is not the problem, is that... it invites an opportunity to see the ego more clearly. Because, of course, if you judge or reject something, then there is a refusal to see it more clearly. This, by the way, is part of the whole issue that makes dealing with the ego so troublesome; we approach it with pre-conceived judgments and opinions that refuse to even look at it.

Practically and simply... WHAT IS EGO?

  • The ego is the character created in the mind of who you are thought to be. Everyone has this character, and it shifts in form, shape, and size on a daily basis. What's most important to discern is that this character is completely imaginary.

Why, or when, does the ego become a problem?

  • The ego only becomes a problem when it is perceived to be real, or it is confused about who or what you really are. This confusion is intimately entangled with all human suffering. So much to say... that the reality of what you are doesn't suffer; rather, it's only an ego that can suffer.

Let's dive more deeply into this and discover a newfound freedom that can embrace the ego for what it is; an expression of play birthed from the imagination. From this point of clarity, we don't have to fear its shenanigans or even try to control it, which would simply be an ego trying to control the ego.

Join me for episode 22! Of "Holding Space for Love to Be Seen." It's going to be amazeballs! 😂