HSEP20: How to Best Serve Others?

"How can I help them?!"

This is an adorably interesting topic for me because... I hear it often as I work with people privately or in groups.

There can be this frantic energy that is innocently terrified of not doing the right thing, or afraid of missing out on an opportunity to genuinely help someone we care about. Also, there is concern about being of service to the world in general.

I keep pointing back to that as a core message, whenever we are experiencing emotional disturbance (frantic energy, as an example), we are not seeing reality clearly. Often, what happens, is we skip this message and go straight to trying to solve the surface problem, which becomes infected by our emotional disturbance.

Trying to answer this question, "How to best serve others?" while also being emotionally disturbed, which is also to be afraid, is the wrong way to go about answering any question.

First, we must... come back to reality.

What's the deeper question here, and why are we even asking this question? Are you...

  • Looking to feel important?

  • Afraid of not being liked?

  • Trying to control someone else?

  • Trying to fix feeling insecure?

Let me ask you another question, as it relates to 'helping' others that might either irritate you or invite you into calmness and relaxation.

  • Are you so convinced that you know what 'help' other people need?

These are important questions that help us deal with the deeper issue rather than looking for insane solutions that only help us hide from the deeper issue. Often, we are looking for ways to control life and other people rather than genuinely connecting with others and being of genuine service.

Here's the magic of it all, as we clarify these confusions and impossible agendas. The real answer begins to reveal itself effortlessly. Almost as if... the obvious answer was there the whole time; furthermore, the question itself disappears.

For myself, the question of "how to serve?" is a question that's disconnected from reality. Why? Because everything that IS real, serves, automatically and without effort. Nature doesn't try to serve or help nature. Nature, by being nature, serves nature. Nature doesn't question how it should do nature. Likewise, the flower serves by being the flower.

However, when a flower is confused about what it is, what is authentic about its nature, it gets confused about 'what to do' 😂. This is the flower not seeing itself clearly.

It's not a question of "What to do?" It's more of a question of... "What do you see?"

  • What to do?

    • This is a question that's trying to get to the future, which, probably, comes with a lot of false and fearful assumptions.

  • What do you see?

    • This brings us back to reality and invites us to clarify our perception, or bring healing to how we see the situation. As we see more clearly, then we connect with inner guidance - guidance that's much more intelligent than any external advice and can speak directly to your present moment reality.

Practically speaking, and said in a playful way:

"The best way to help other people, is for you to heal... how you see other people. If you see other people through a distorted and emotionally disturbed lens, you won't be able to address the reality of the situation."

Furthermore: The best way to be of service to the world is to let go of the world, which is also to bring healing to how you see the world.

As perception is healed, as we see things more clearly, what you will find is a natural and effortless service that just... happens. You will discover that "you just being you," in your most authentic way, is the greatest service you can offer to the world.

I'm excited to dive more deeply into this during today's 2nd live broadcast of "Holding Space for Love to Be Seen."

Oh, also! If you didn't get the deeper message here...

How do I best serve myself?

Ummm... 🙊 bring healing to how you see yourself!