47) Learn, Grow, Play - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

Welcome, welcome, welcome
this guided meditation
is just going to invite you
to embrace
the human journey
maybe we can
open up to the possibility
that life is a great adventure of
learning, growing and play
let's settle in
and get a little bit cozy
we're going to invite
a relaxation
in all the corners
of our mind
and in all the tips of our body
and let's just sink
into that relaxation
it's also like recognizing
there's a profound permission
to just relax
we're going to take
three deep breaths
and with each breath
we're just going to become
a little bit more present
and a little bit more relaxed
let's breathe
we have a great
opportunity in this life
to learn, to expand our awareness
about ourselves, about others, about life as a whole
and beautifully so
within every human being
is a genuine interest
and authentic curiosity
in this sincerity
in the most direct way
points toward your path of learning
this is quite beautiful
it's already set up
you already know
what you're interested in
if you look, you already know
what you're here to learn
the question is can we acknowledge that?
can we honor that?
naturally this is going to invite you
to surrender
what it is you think
you're supposed to learn
what other people
want you to learn
and get back in touch
with the sincerity of
your own humaneness
your own heart
let's breathe into that
let's open up
to a deeper realization
of what that sincerity might be
inviting ourselves
to come home
and connect with whatever is authentic
whatever is real
whatever is true
let's breathe
the next part of this adventure
is growing
another beautiful opportunity
that comes with being human
and part of that adventure
what is required
is that we face our fears
and move a little bit beyond
our comfort zone
this is growth
has this not been the case every time?
it's a beautiful thing
to not resist this fear
to not think that it's wrong
to not think that you shouldn't be afraid
it's simply part of the adventure
isn't an interesting?
the more you resist fear
the more you think it's wrong
the bigger the fear becomes
it's beautifully sweet
and it's beautifully sincere
if you're scared you're scared
that's okay
can we discover a space
that doesn't fight the fear?
that doesn't hide from the fear?
but maybe simply recognize
that this fear
is pointing to our next opportunity
of growth
maybe it's pointing the way
towards our next
big and beautiful adventure
and adventure where you will
continue to learn and grow
doesn't mean you're gonna get
what you think you want
it's just another part of
the process of your human journey
that's important to recognize, my friend
we're not growing so that we
reach a destination
we're growing
for the sake of growing
we're discovering more about ourselves
and about life
and this is what makes it
all worthwhile
part three
is the playing
I'm willing to bet
that there's something within you
that knows this life is about play
that knows you're here to discover
to experience
new and different aspects of what you are
new and different aspects about other people
and about life
you're here to
discover something beautiful
on the inside of
what you are
and then playfully
share that beauty
with the world
come on, now
this is a temporary play
it's temporary
so easy it is
to understandably
get lost in the seriousness
thinking the points in the game
are real
but right now
we have an opportunity
to realize what's here and now
beyond all that noise
and to see that in this moment
the life you're living now
is an opportunity
for you to play
and you can share that play
with other beautiful human beings
what a gift
what a miracle
in being alive
let's just take
a brief moment
to breathe into that possibility
the possibility
the truth, if you can see it
that life is a playful opportunity
let's take three deep breaths
and just invite that
into our lives
let's breathe
alright, my friend
I invite you to
honor what you are
honor your sincerity
honor life and other human beings
and go play
thanks for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —