43) Open Up to More Possibility - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation

Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome to this
super short and sweet
guided meditation
we can follow the breath
back to right now
and in the most simple way
we are just acknowledging
that this is where we are
right now
I love this space
it's a great reminder
that all is well
here right now
no matter what I'm imagining
it's not actually here
and so I can take a moment
to let go of the mind's content
and connect with life
can we recognize
the vast emptiness of this moment
the emptiness in such a way that
you could be thinking about ten-thousand things
but none of it's actually happening
there's a stillness here
and in this stillness
it's a blank canvas
this life...
a blank canvas
it's a blank canvas that
invites you to create
invites you to imagine
invites you to play
and if we just take a moment to start over
maybe we can start to see
a lot more possibility
maybe we are not nearly as limited
as we imagine ourselves to be
that's fun to see
all the ways I limit myself
in the imagination
and then to see that it's not true at all
It leads me to the question of
"well, what is really possible then?"
"what ways might I enjoy this human experience?"
"in what ways might I
add value to other people's lives?"
"In what ways might I sing,
dance, and share my heart?"
because do you see all the limitation
that says we can't do these things
its only a limitation in the mind
it's only a story that says you can't
that says you're not worthy
that says you're not enough
it's only a story believed in
maybe it's time
to move beyond that story
maybe it's time
to get profoundly honest with yourself
about that story
maybe you've been using that story
using that story to hide
using that story to avoid taking risks
using that story to avoid
the world's rejection
which is only using that story
to reject yourself
that doesn't feel good
can we open up to step into a deeper possibility?
and let's say a deeper possibility...
to share our heart with the world?
to add genuine value
to love on people
and to open up to the possibility
that life is 100% in support of this
of you... allowing what you are
to be in service to life
in ways that align
with whatever inspires your heart
okay, go play
thanks for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —