42) Ready, Set, Focus, GO! - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation

to this
guided meditation
and we're going
to call it
"Ready, Set, Focus, Go"
but first
let's invite ourselves
back to presence
we got to ground into reality
we've got to come home
so even if the minds
super chatty
even if you're scared
or if you're excited
it's all allowed
but let's just come back
to right now
and acknowledge
that this is where we are
as we come back
there's just going to be
a deeper invitation to just
let's take
three deep breaths
and with each breath
is going to be an invitation
to just release any tension
and allow yourself
to drop more and more
into right now
let's breathe
can we recognize
something fascinating?
how wild is it
to just be alive?
have you ever
just taken a moment
and ask yourself
"what is this?"
we're alive
there's something
breathing through you
there's something
moving all the cells
in your body
there's this harmony among
ten billion things
that allows this moment
to be this moment
this container called "life"
has been given to you
and the more
we look beyond the minds chaos
the more we look behind all the stories
of yesterday and tomorrow
and we get in touch
with this moment right now
you start to recognize
that you're okay
it's almost as if we just
imagined things
to be scared of
imagined things
to worry about
but as we hang out
here right now
we can recognize
a sense of calm
a sense of peace
and a wellness
maybe we recognize a little bit
that this moment is quite playful
where you're allowed to imagine
to think whatever
it's all allowed
from this space
I invite you to honor
this miracle of life
this miracle that's
breathing through you
not asking for anything in return
this miracle that
manages all the stars
and in this great
honoring of life
can we honor
what we are
as far as I'm concerned
one of the great ways
to honor the life
you've been given
is to enjoy the life
you've been given
which also means
"to play"
which also means
"to do what you're here to do"
honoring what is heartfelt
honoring what is sincere
what calls you
is there something
that's really important
is there something
asking for your focus
is there something
asking to eliminate
the distractions
that only help you hide
maybe it's time
to step into that
version of yourself
that's ready to shine your light
in the world
maybe it's time
to get focused
can you acknowledge
those distractions
we don't have to judge them
but we can see them
can you see that they don't deserve?
can you see that they give you
the opposite of what you want?
are they stealing your focus?
maybe it's time to be done
that might just be
one of the biggest gifts
you give yourself
to honor what is important
by removing what is not
can you recognize
what does support you
can you recognize
what does help you focus
what you can give
to yourself
so that you can give
to others
when we come out
of this meditation
it's going to be time
to focus
however if we're
going to focus
can we do so playfully
this is an opportunity
to focus
it's not a demand
it's not an expectation
the opportunity
to recognize
that you can
and that you can do
whatever you can do
to help yourself focus more
when we're done
I invite you
to write down
the three most important
next steps
what are you going to focus on
what is so obviously important
let's end with
three more deep breaths
and invite a clarity
into our lives
invite a playfulness
into our lives
and invite
some more focus
let's breathe
ready, set, focus... go
thanks for meditating with me

— End of Guided Meditation —