41) Allow Yourself to THRIVE - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation

to this
guided meditation
let's allow ourselves
to be comfortable
relaxed and just be here
doesn't have to be fancy
we can just relax
into the moment
and whatever
we might be doing
maybe you're sitting at home
maybe you're walking
through the forest
let's just invite ourselves
into this moment
can we recognize the stillness
that emerges
as we come back
to right now
maybe one or five minutes ago
there was just so much
thinking and thinking and thinking
but yeah
as we come back
to this moment
we can just recognize
that we don't need
to be thinking and thinking and thinking
it's like extending a permission
to yourself
to just be
let's invite ourselves
to thrive in this life
maybe we already are
maybe we would like to a little bit more
maybe we can invite ourselves
to go on a great human adventure
an adventure where we grow
and adventure where we play
and an adventure where we add value
to people's lives
but in order to do that
we have to come back
to ourselves
and honor the sincerity
of our own hearts
honor the life
that we've been given
and in the most beautiful
and self-forgiving sort of way
we can just acknowledge
where we might not be doing that
maybe we're running around
trying to control other people
maybe running around
being afraid of losing
what we hold on to
maybe we're trying so hard
to do something
that we're just not interested in
maybe we're trying to live a life
that isn't even our life
we can't thrive in that sort of space
if we're going to thrive
we have to come home
and allow ourselves
to truly be alive
which is to get in touch with you
what are you genuinely interested in
that you're not allowing yourself to explore?
how do you want to play in this life
and you're not allowing yourself to play?
in what ways
do you want to add value
to people's lives
but you hide
from your own brilliance
because maybe you fear
what others might think?
that's okay
that's what we do sometimes
as human beings
but maybe also we can see
that it's not working
as we deny
the sincerity of our being
we deny the aliveness
of what we are
and what we really crave
is that aliveness
In many ways as I've said 1000 times
it's like there's this child within you
that knocks on the door of your heart
and says "can I come out and play now?"
and in the most
innocent misunderstanding
we say "no
I'm still pretending to be an adult"
maybe it's time to play
maybe it's time to take risks and grow
maybe it's time to love
on other human beings
and share with them
the light within what you are
you see, it's not a requirement
It's an invitation
it's not a demand
it's not a "should"
It's... "you can if you'd like to"
"but it's so scary!"
my dear
that's just the adventure
just like all the fears
we've passed through in this life
after you walk through that fire
you look back and you realize
there was nothing really
to be afraid of
"it's not what I thought it was"
this is how we grow
this is how we see
less and less to be afraid of
not by hiding from our fear
but walking through our fear
so we can see
there is nothing to fear
if you're open for it
go play
thank you
for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —