36) The Embrace of Freedom - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation

Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation

let's just drop in
more and more
to right now
we can acknowledge
the massive yet innocent
the noise in the mind that
thinks this and thinks that
afraid of this
wants that
na, nan na, nan na, nan na
but let's just be here
let us taste this moment
let us recognize
the here and now
beyond the mind
beyond the thinking
there is a stillness
there is a space that holds you
see how the space of right now
is really a space of freedom
completely allowing you to be you
this space lets you be happy
this space lets you be sad
this space has no judgment
for the confusion
this space allows you
to be you
there is nothing in this space
that judges you
there is nothing in this space
that criticizes you
there is no demand
no expectation
there is only an absolute embrace
of the totality of what you are
connect with this space
see the truth of this space
remember this space
for this space
is your real home
this is where you belong
it's okay to be human
and all that comes
with being human
all the colors
all the seasons
all the different ways we might express
what we are
and it's only the rejection
of your human
that makes life even more difficult
so come back to life
and see that life
does not reject your human
life is here
always waiting
for you to come home
and see the truth of what you are
what others are
and what life is
thank you for taking this brief moment
and sharing this space
now in the spirit of love
compassion and freedom
go play

— End of Guided Meditation —