32) Being Enough As You Are - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation

Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation

welcome to this
we're going to spend
about five minutes together
dropping into presence
and inviting a deeper clarity
that allows us
to see ourselves
and life
with more love
and freedom
let's begin by taking
three deep breaths
we are inviting ourselves
into presence
we can recognize
that the mind moves
thinking about this
that in the other
past and future
but we can also recognize
we are here
right now
let us take three deep breaths
and acknowledge the reality
of where we are
We can recognize that
in this very moment
right now
there is no problem
there is
nothing missing
and there's nowhere else
we should be
for we can only be
right now
as we connect
more and more
with presence
we can recognize
a profound gratitude
for simply
and effortlessly
there is a heart
that's beating
there is a breath
that's flowing
there is a life
that holds you
as you are
no demand
no expectation
there is only
a space
that allows you
to be
let's take three deep breaths
and honor
this space
that allows us
to be
maybe we can recognize
a soft smile
a great remembering
that in reality
here and now
I am enough
life... is enough
it's only the mind
that says otherwise
an innocent misunderstanding
we can
release the confusion
and come home
we can see what's real
not focused on the mind's
in all of its stories
we can connect
with a life
that is here
and now
and in the truth
of what is
we see that we are
and so let us go and celebrate
that wholeness
let us share that wholeness
in how we see ourselves
in how we see others
and in how we see life
thank you
for sharing this time
with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —