31) Be The Stillness - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation

Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation

let's take
a little journey
but first...
settle in, dear one
just relax
we're going to spend
a few moments together
let's follow our breath
back to right now
in the most playful way
let's just acknowledge
the adorable insanity
that comes with being human
so much thinking
and thinking and thinking
imagining this, and
imagining that
and yet in this moment
right now
there's a profound stillness
can you see it?
can you feel it?
can you BE...
that stillness?
this is a great invitation
to just release the mind
and come back to this moment
recognizing that
the stillness that's here
is actually the stillness
of what you are
look at how fascinating it is
that we could be captured
by the minds content
and to believe
in the imagination
and just as quickly
we can find ourselves
back to right now.
How curious it is
that all the noise in the mind
is simply this character
that you think you are
running around going nowhere
can you see that this character
is not what you really are?
can you see that this character
is not here right now?
what you really are
is here
release the character
and come home
not forever
just for right now
you can go play
with the character later
but right now
we're just going to realize
that the character isn't real
We don't have to take it seriously
We can come back to reality
and recognize that
what we really are
is already whole and complete
Nothing's missing
let's end this meditation
with three deep breaths
and on the inhale
I want you to
invite a deep presence
into your life
and on the exhale
we're just going to release
any and all anxiety
that is afraid of
anything at all
let's breathe
Thank you so much
for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —