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So the title for this week's episode on the Meditate Now podcast is Release Money Blocks (Real Abundance).

Before we dive into the meditation, I just want to say a few words about this topic. Then afterward, those who are hanging out with us live, we'll dive into it a little bit more.

Money Blocks Guided Meditation

Money Blocks

First and foremost, this is always and forever an invitation to look at your own direct experience, especially with this topic, because it's so easy to project our beliefs and our opinions, what we think is our experience onto other people's experiences, and to think that how we see money is how other people see money.

Then we can look at our struggle with money and then project that struggle onto other people and then think that we need to find a solution for other people's struggles.

This isn't about any of that. It's not about what the world should or shouldn't be doing. It's not about what other people should or shouldn't be doing. It's just an honest invitation to look at the reality of your experience.

It's very intimate in that way. And naturally, the human being tends to avoid that sort of self-intimacy which results in projecting it onto other people and trying to figure out their situation.

Money blocks. Money blocks. Money blocks. Money blocks.

Okay, let's just say this and then we'll get into the meditation and see what happens there.

See How You Blame Money Guided Meditation

See How You Blame Money

If there's a money block, there is blame toward money. Whether you're blaming money for your inner disturbance or you're blaming money for your fleeting moments of happiness, it can go both ways.

”I'm sad because of money.” “I’m happy because of money.” Essentially, it's saying that this thing called money out there can give me something that is what I crave internally.

Oh, man, there are so many things to dive into about this. We can notice this throughout our history of dancing with money, especially within the societal conditioning, wherein some way or another, we have learned that more money equals self-worth.

We have learned that losing money means negative self-worth. We've learned all sorts of things that somehow equate to finding your worth and value.

So often we say, “well, if only I had this much money, then I could be happy, then I could relax.” Or “if only I had this much money, I wouldn't be disturbed.” So if you want to explore your own blocks, get real honest about the ways that you blame money as the cause of your inner state.

Furthermore, you can also see this blame for money as also like, a judgment of money. It's judging it as this or that and believing that how it sees it is how it really is. I just invite you to see that there are 10,000 different stories people could tell about money, and the only thing being expressed is how one sees it, which shows how they dance with it. Isn't that fascinating? Like, how you see it shows you your dance with it.

It shows you the "power" you give it, or it shows you the "no power" you give it. Because what is it beyond our story, beyond our blame, beyond our judgment? Do you see? Money in and of itself is... nothing.

The Wholeness Is Already Within Guided Meditation

The Wholeness Is Already Within

As with the nothingness of everything— even a rock or a cup of tea— you can effectively use it as a tool to contribute to your experience. Not to help you define yourself, not to use it to complete yourself, or to find wholeness in the future. It's just something that's there. In a silly way, in a super silly way, it's like if I had a collection of rocks, I could give those rocks special meanings about myself, right? Like this rock says I'm cool, this rock says I'm important and I can collect all these rocks.

Then if I go outside one day and someone stole all my rocks, I can think I lost something about myself when in the reality of the situation, I didn't lose anything about what I really am, my wholeness, my worth, and my value is untouched by the loss of rock.

So what I'm pointing to is a clinging or holding on to it, which is also pushing it away. Maybe we'll explore that a bit after.

But if we're going to allow ourselves to enter a playful experience with money, there's going to need to be a letting go of money to see that it's not the issue.

I've heard people say that it's because of money, that the world is the way that it is. So money is seen as the enemy in some way. "If only there wasn't money." It's funny too, because in all of these "if only," what we're really looking for is the wholeness of what we are.

We say "if only there wasn't money, then I could feel complete, then I can feel whole.”

But if you were to recognize your wholeness independent of the ways of the world, then money becomes just another thing.

Like a cup of tea, you can really enjoy that thing. Like rocks, you can enjoy rocks, but they don't hold your worth and value and they're not to be blamed.

Okay, let's jump into this meditation, and see what happens.

Start of Guided Meditation

Allow Yourself To “Be” Guided Meditation

Allow Yourself To “Be”

Alright, here we are once again. Really, this is just an opportunity to be here for a moment. We're going to connect with an openness inside of ourselves, a presence, and just allow ourselves to be’ a little bit more.

It's not a serious thing, it's not a half to a thing, it's a gift. So take a breath, realize that here you are in this moment, and breathe into that moment.

It's almost like we're creating an environment within what we are that is so much more receptive, not so much trying to figure anything out. Just, "I'm here, I'm open."

As I've mentioned time and time and time again, liberation and all of these blocks, all of these disturbances, always come back to acknowledging the real and deeper issue. Because so often we think the problem is that thing out there and in this case, we might call it money. We can see that thing is in the way if only it wasn't that.

But what's the real issue?

Can you see in the most gentle way that if there are hang-ups about money, it seems like money is in the way of us finding something, of us connecting with something? So much, in fact, we desire to connect with this something so strongly that we intuitively know that if we could connect with it we wouldn't care about money at all in a way that if it comes or goes. It's important to acknowledge this blame.

Everything Is Already Taken Care Of Guided Meditation

Everything Is Already Taken Care Of

You know, it's very similar to having another person be your block. Kind of like, "oh, if only they weren't who they were" or from the other end of the spectrum, "if only I could make them love me, if only I could get them." Do you see how it's similar?

There seems to be this block from getting what you want and the block is trying to get something from that person or get something from money that it can't actually give you and we try and try and try. Whether that's trying to grasp at it or push it away because we think it's evil, we're doing so because we're trying to get something.

Maybe in this context about money, we can say we want to experience abundance and we have bought into the photoshopped lie of abundance spread across the Earth.

But really in that craving for abundance, it's not about having this and it's not about having that. It's not even about securing a future.

It says, "I wish I could just be in this moment and know that I am whole and complete. I wish I could trust that I'm taken care of." And in our adorable misunderstanding, in our innocent struggle to find such peace and wellness in the world, we try so desperately to get control of things in the same way we do with trying to make someone love us or make someone not be who they are.

I hope you see the epic failure in this. Not in a negative way, not in a self-judging sort of way, but "oh my goodness sort of way, it's not working!"

Because I've talked to people with millions and millions of dollars or Euros or whatever and it's the same money block. And I talk with people who have no money, same money block. They think money is in the way somehow. "If only I had more."

Money As An Instrument Guided Meditation

Money As An Instrument

This only shows that there isn't a depth of seeing what you really are which includes how supported you are by life.

It's not wrong, it's not bad because this moment is an opportunity to see that a little bit more clearly. If we step outside of the mind's commotion— the thinking and thinking and thinking the wanting and wanting and wanting— we just come home for a moment.

Just breathe here with me. There are 10,000 thoughts, and what-ifs about tomorrow. Another 10,000, "If only yesterday wasn't yesterday," none of it having anything to do with the reality of right now.

You see all of these thoughts essentially say "if only I had what I wanted then I could find myself in the world which is also to secure myself. I could relax, be at peace, nothing left to find."

Naturally, the struggle is we are looking for it where it is not. In this case, we're talking about money.

For some people it's relationships, for some people, it's relationships and money and a host of other things. But effectively, looking for it out there rather than being still and seeing that you already have it.

And you know what's interesting?

The more you recognize that you already have it and that nothing can take it from you, everything becomes a bit more playful including money.

It's not seen as the enemy, it's not seen as in the way. It simply becomes another instrument that you might dance with, in a joyful way that contributes to your time here.

Putting Importance is Also Putting Restriction Guided Meditation

Putting Importance is Also Putting Restriction

It's really fascinating to remove the importance. Because in that importance is a restriction.

A restriction that doesn't let it flow, that doesn't use it in a way that honors your experience.

So many silly ideas that stop us from just playing and being open to money coming and going. I've had all sorts of experiences in this realm.

Lots of money, no money, and I can't really say that I've ever been really happy or sad because of money. It looked like that but I've also had no money and been profoundly peaceful and full of love and I've also had lots of money and been lost as all hell. So, really it has nothing to do with it.

But I will tell you that if something within you longs to be open for more play with money, more enjoyment, let it go and you play with you.

Because haven't you noticed in all the ups and downs, in all of the good or bad decisions with money, here you are. Life is taking care of you.

That's certainly true for me. I don't understand how I'm still here.

Life Will Always Support You Guided Meditation

Life Will Always Support You

In all of my attempts to hold on to money or to create some sense of certainty, life has always done something else and changed my plans.

In a way, I can say with profound confidence that it's always been life that has paid my bills. I say that really sincerely. It's always been life that has supported me.

Sometimes it looks like it's me doing something but really it's life inspiring me, life bringing me new ideas, and life guiding me.

It's very difficult for life to guide when you're tense and restricted, holding onto things, anxiously wanting things in the future.

Relax dear one.

Maybe life knows exactly what it's doing.

Thanks for meditating with me today.

— End of Guided Meditation —