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Return to Sanity Meditate Now

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The opportunity of this meditation today, first and foremost, is the permission to connect with the present

I'm always fascinated to remember the depth of wellness that's contained within the present moment, and meditation allows us the opportunity to discern the difference between the life we imagine to be happening, and the life that's actually happening.

The title of this guided meditation is "A Return to Sanity". It is this discernment that allows us to return to sanity. Because the 'insanity' is believing that things are happening that aren't actually happening. This goes super deep.

We can just acknowledge within ourselves the tendency to think and think and think about things we think are happening, but upon a further and more sincere investigation, we can see that these things aren't happening at all.

So this time together is going to allow us to drop into what is actually happening while releasing all that is not happening.

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Discern the Difference Guided Meditation

Discern the Difference

Find yourself in a comfortable position, and we'll just allow ourselves to drop into the present moment.

We recognize that here we are, in right now, and it's this moment that's happening.

We'll just take a brief moment to discern the difference.

We can recognize the insanity without any judgment, we can just see it for what it is.

As we discern the difference between what's actually happening, and what we think to be happening, we can drop more deeply into what is actually happening.

We can allow our breath to bring us back to the present moment. We can recognize that the breath is happening right now.

For a moment, let's just recognize and acknowledge, that the sufferable experience in being human is to focus on that which is not actually happening; is to be afraid of that which is not actually happening.

We can recognize the difficulty, which in some way is like feeling we are bound to thought, we are obligated to think about our thinking, we can't just be here.

In that difficulty, let's just recognize that we are afraid of our imagination.

What we think might or might not happen. What we think did or did not happen.

All of this thinking isn't thinking about anything that's here right now.

In this time together, we can surrender whatever difficulty seems to beg for our attention.

We can just take these moments and connect with reality.

Something that might help is... if we just quickly remember, sort of encapsulate our struggle throughout this life, we can see it has been a worry about something other than the present moment.

One way we can recognize is that we didn't really need to worry.

We can take that invitation and be present right now.

Peace Behind the Fear Guided Meditation

Peace Behind the Fear

If you find your mind going in a thousand different directions, I invite you to see this as encouragement.

To see that, "Oh my goodness, yes, the mind wanders and wanders and wanders, thinking about this, that and the other".

In recognizing that, we can see what it does, and just come back to right now.

We can see how easily we can get lost in thought. Lost in our projections, lost in our beliefs.

In our capacity to get lost there's a gentle urgency that invites us to come home.

This is the gift we give ourselves right now.

Let us also recognize that the difficulty in our human experience can be summed up in recognizing that we're just scared, we're afraid.

If there's any disturbance at all, behind it is fear.

Throughout our whole life, I just invite us to recognize that we weren't afraid of what was happening.

We were afraid of our imagination. We were afraid of our own thinking.

This is always fascinating to see, we're not afraid of anything in life. We're afraid of what the mind turns it into.

We gently come back to this moment, connect with what's real, and we see there is nothing to fear.

Again, this is just for right now.

Let's breathe into that space where there's nothing to fear.

We can recognize abundant wellness at this moment, right now within what you are.

Real Life, is Sanity; A Gratitude for This Guided Meditation

Real Life, is Sanity; A Gratitude for This

As we drop into this peaceful space, we can once again acknowledge the profound difference between the life in the mind, and the life that is here and now.

We can see that the life in the mind is quite insane, and yet in the present moment, there's beautiful sanity, a deep truth that knows there's nothing really to be afraid of.

If there is any fear that might arise, just notice once again that the fear is for the imagination.

Once you recognize that, you can simply come back to the present moment.

Let's connect with gratitude, a gratitude for what really is, even though we might get lost in thinking, we can connect with gratitude for the truth of life.

Even though we might get lost in thought, even though we might become afraid of our imagination, there is a truth here and now that is empty of all fear.

We can allow our hearts to be pointed toward the truth of life.

We can see the mind's insane quest that tries to control the world, that tries to control circumstances.

But underneath it all, we can see the real dilemma is our belief in thought, thinking that what we think is actually happening. That very gently is quite insane.

I just invite you to see that, with eyes of innocence, what you think is happening isn't really happening.

What you think is happening is to simply tell a story about what you see, it's a way of perceiving, it's a projection.

See life from your heart, not from the mind.

Trust what is here and now, not what the mind thinks about here and now.

Until next time. Cheers.

— End of Meditation —