Seeing the Truth of Things; a Heart Melted


Seeing the truth of things, will ultimately and eventually, melt your heart in the most beautiful of ways.

As such, if the heart isn't melted into a celebration of unconditional love, radical forgiveness, and/or unwavering compassion, then my dear... the truth isn't being seen.

This isn't wrong and it doesn't mean you're broken. Rather, it points toward an opportunity that invites a deeper openness, a more raw humility.

The truth of things? It's a truth that definitively answers the question, "What is, really, going on here?" The truth of this far exceeds, "what does this look like?" or, "what do the majority think this is (what do people agree on)?"

In fact, to really touch the truth of things, one must look deeply for themselves and disregard everything you've ever been told. To see the truth requires eyes that are brand new, unadulterated by prejudiced interpretations of past experiences. Unfiltered by social conformity and a fearful desire to be accepted and not be rejected.

Being Disturbed

For Example; as a Pointer

Let's look at the nature of being DISTURBED (the absence of peace and presence within, where we painfully and anxiously feel the remedy is something 'out there' changing or not being what it is).

If you ask the world what is true about being disturbed, they might say "We are disturbed because something is going on in the world that we don't like or agree with, or it violates our core values in some way."

This can be helpful from a certain level of perceiving. However, it's not True. Yes, it can look like that and it can feel like that, and many might agree. Yet again, it doesn't speak to what is actually going on. Furthermore, in some instances, it perpetuates an illusion that keeps one distant from the truth of their own power and inherent wellness; or, distant from a melted heart.

To preface this investigation, I'd say that the truth of things cannot actually be spoken, or written, they can only be seen from a space beyond symbols, images, and filters. However, we can point toward the truth with words and symbols and present an invitation to see beyond the pointer.

If I'm reading something on Facebook and find myself to be disturbed, what's, actually, happening here? On the surface, I might say, "I'm disturbed because the person who wrote this is an idiot, and is making the world a more dumb place." Basically, the statement says, "I'm disturbed because of that out there. AND, if that out there was different, then I wouldn't be disturbed."

Do you see how this statement also says, "My wellness, my joy, my love, my peace, is a prisoner to what goes on in the world, a prisoner to something I am separate from and have no control over; I am inherently powerless."

What happens next with such a way of perceiving? Well, in order to regain a power perceived to be lost, or to remedy the disturbance, I must exert a force that attempts withholds freedom from them. Ultimately saying, "You should not say what you say or be as you are; you should not be free." This is also synonymous with saying, "you are not worthy of love because *you* disturb me."

It's important to see here that this all revolves around a desire to be well in spirit, to 'not be' disturbed. It speaks to the fundamental craving of human beings to be at peace and rest in a wellness that allows us to be present and serve from a place of love.

What's, actually, happening here?

The primary misunderstanding in the human experiences is that "I experience what is -out there-" In this example, "I am experiencing somebody else's words, their perceptions, and their beliefs." Leading to the conclusion that I am disturbed by 'them.'

Yet, more accurately... "I am experiencing my own interpretation of words on a screen." Which is pointing toward... "I am experiencing my own perception and my own beliefs." Furthermore, "I am disturbing myself."

What I think their words mean is a "meaning" I create and then I'm disturbed by the 'meaning'. I don't experience their words or even their actions, I experience the meanings I create about their words or their actions. I experience what I am, and only what I am.

It's important to see that this is the function of blame, as blame is only used to assign guilt for an inner disturbance. If there was no disturbance and no distance from wellness, then blame would be an irrelevant concept.

If it was true that wellness was dependent on something you are separate from, then real freedom or liberation would be an impossibility (spirituality would be a hoax). We could only be a prisoner to that which held the keys, and you would hear phrases like "I will love you, if," or, "you can be free, if."

This is how we can remain stuck within a social construct of being manipulated, through being convinced that you need something outside of yourself in order to be with the wellness you inherently crave. It's what fuels the conflict between two parties, both feeling as if the solution to end disturbances is the other side changing.

All the while, in this conflict, love is being constantly withheld. Everyone is saying, subconsciously, "I will love you, if." However... the disaster of it all, is, in the same way of thinking we are disturbed by something on the outside, we assume that love, peace, wellness, comes from the outside as well. Oblivious to the truth that all love that's experienced, is experienced because love is allowed to flow from within.

The illusion that we are disturbed by something out there, rather than 'we can only disturb ourselves,' keeps us in a state of defense that is always ready to withhold love, which is its own withholding of love. There is no free flow of love.

To genuinely see the truth of this, you'll recognize that everyone you've ever blamed for your disturbance, they were actually innocent. Innocent, in the way that they were not the cause of your disharmony. In fact, more accurately, they were helping to expose the disharmony within you. The experiences were showing where you give your power away, showing where you don't see the truth; attempting to expose the absolute brilliance of what you really are.

Naturally, the mind follows up with this and says... "Well, what should we do then, about this or that??!"

That's the wrong question.

I find it best said in a quote that I feel points to discovering answers about what to do. And.. depending on your conditioning, you might like or not like it. However, see what it's pointing to.

"Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

Beyond any religious dogma, what this is pointing toward is...

Seek first the truth of life, what is actually real, and all these answers you crave will become as obvious as trees in the sunlight.

When we operate from disturbance, it is the same as operating from fear, which is operating from a vast illusion that simply and innocently doesn't see what's actually going on. In this, there is no real solution that touches a life that is real.

To operate from the truth of life, operate from what is real, there will be no distances from the wellness you crave, which means you can be present to address the REAL issue.