Compassion for the Whole - Polarization of Caring


No, I don't care about this or that. I care about the whole damn thing.

Have you noticed how there might be a tendency to reject those who don't care about what you care about while embracing those who validate your "polarized caring?"

Polarization of Caring

Polarization of Caring is to say that one end of the spectrum is worthy of my love, while the other end should be destroyed. It's like saying one end of a magnet is less valuable than the other end. Or, the wintertime is less worthy of love and respect than the summertime. Or... the victim is more lovable than the aggressor.

In a gentle way, it could be said that the polarization of caring is not caring at all. Genuine caring is an expression of compassion, and genuine compassion is understanding, and understanding is to understand the whole.

To value one side of the coin over the other is a complete lack of understanding of the coin's nature; tails is also the heads, and heads is also the tails.

The polarization of caring is a ploy to validate separation and is a favorite trick of the ego for its own self-important survival. It reeks of self-righteousness and delusions of superiority; while at the same time being the most innocent of misunderstandings about what's real.

The Charade of Caring - Ego's Compassion

Don't look for the world to understand this, or even for the world to agree, they won't. The liberation, or the way out, of this charade of caring, is only for the one who is willing to really look, while also with a willingness to be rejected by the world.

We fall into the trap of polarized caring because we want to be accepted by the world, we want to be validated, we want to fit in, which... has nothing to do with seeing what is true.

It's a tragic comedy, where we gain the world but lose our soul; we lose the realness of "love for the whole" so we can be counted and seen amongst the crowd. Only to find ourselves in a constant battle of validating one side over the other; which only energizes those who you fight against 🤦🏽‍♂️.

It was the righteous ones who crucified Jesus, the righteous ones who dropped bombs, the righteous ones who judged, condemned, and withheld love. All in the name of "deeply caring" about something they don't fully understand; while unconsciously (innocent ignorance) defending their own ego.

Compassion for Both Sides

You say you have compassion for the victimized, but you cannot see that every aggressor was created through their own feeling of being victimized.

You comfort the victim and say, “it’s not your fault,” yet you demand the aggressor be destroyed while destroying as well the victim that dwells within them. You know...? that same victim you so righteously cared for in another.

You say you have compassion, yet your judgments and projections of guilt show you understand nothing. You say you care deeply, but you secretly want to watch someone be punished; and whoever that someone is, will be someone who felt painfully victimized.

In your defense of the victim and hatred for the aggressor, are you not continuing a cycle of victimization? Are you not becoming an aggressor yourself; shielded by a cloak of ignorant self-righteousness?

Human justice is not justice at all, it’s an ugly display of humans pretending to be God. Thinking they know how life works, while secretly building upon their ego’s self-importance out of a dreadful fear of losing the illusions they cling to. Completely blind to the vast interconnectedness in all things.

Beyond Blame - All is One

Do you think the actions of one man are his alone? Does anything move without influence from the whole? Does a star explode because it decides to, or is it set in motion by the universe itself? Shall you blame the star, shall you blame the galaxy, shall you blame God, or will you wake up from the illusion of blame and see what’s actually happening?

Is this what you teach your children, people are guilty? Which immediately creates a self-guilt in them. Do you punish them as if their illusionary choices are not your choices as well? Or is this all merely a way of avoiding the conditioned self-judgment within that feels guilty for just being alive?

Healing is not figuring out who is to blame, healing is in seeing that no one is to blame, and that we all are simply doing the best we can, given the level of confusion we were born into. This healing is forgiveness; a forgiveness that sees the pain of one is the pain of all.

Every human pain, every inner disturbance that leads toward any degree of violence, is a crying out for the love we fear is missing. We can either be that love through looking through eyes of love, or, we can contribute to the energy of fear and confirm that “they” are not worthy of love.

Just know this... the love you withhold will be the lack of love that’s felt within. The love that’s extended, will fill your heart with a nourishment that satisfies everything you’ve been searching for.