Understanding Society's Sickness

90 Minute Video/Audio Exploration & PDF Transcript

6 Minute Video Preview

A straightforward exploration that speaks to the root issue of Society's Sickness, and how we can unsubscribe from an impossible and sufferable game.

There's a simplicity here, in understanding the sickness of society; there's a "holy shit" moment when we unravel the noise and see what all the commotion and unwellness is really about.

I hope to bring a softness to this issue, looking beyond any flavors of blame or any tension that demands it should change. Rather, an opening; an opening that looks out from a space of deep compassion and love.

Naturally, for anything to change, truly change, it can only do so through a deep understanding. This is the magic in which we swim, for all that is 'out of alignment' or unwell, is only so because of an innocent misunderstanding.

Understanding Society's Sickness