Look Beyond the Story of Self

45 Minute Meditative Exploration (Video/Audio/Ebook)

Self Inquiry is the practice of making contact with what is more real and true about you, beyond the impossible story we identify with and hide behind. Suffering... is to not see what you really are. This offering serves as a meditative exploration into a deeper awareness of what is really true about you.


  • Introduction
  • What is Truly Happening?
  • Be Still & Know
  • Fear of Loss
  • Guidance of Sincerity
  • Ego’s Struggle
  • Living the Mind’s Content
  • The, I am
  • Q&A on Healing
  • Q&A Losing Family
  • Q&A What about…
  • Q&A on Future Plans
  • Q&A Love Shared
  • Q&A Lonely and Alone

Self Inquiry - Look Beyond the Story of Self