Self Inquiry & Conscious Observation

80-Minute Video/Audio Exploration & Full Ebook Transcript

Audio Preview

Self Inquiry is an ancient practice of deeply questioning what is true and real about you. Conscious Observation is to observe self, others, and life from beyond the filter of a false identity. Both, are powerful tools to point you in the direction of joyful present moment living and having a deep and heart-based connection with all that is.

This exploration contains an 80-minute video (with audio version), followed by an optional opportunity to explore the lessons/chapters in written format to deepen the understanding.  Additionally, you. can download the full transcript in Ebook or PDF format.


  • Introduction
  • Awakening from What?
  • Spontaneous Awakening
  • Self Inquiry - What Am I?
  • Illusion of Identity
  • Mind’s Dilemma
  • Misunderstanding of the Dream
  • Craving the Truth
  • True, Real, & Sacred
  • Protecting the Ego
  • Genuine Curiosity
  • Drop Judgment
  • Relax and Listen
  • Q&A on Brain and Mind
  • Q&A on Less Effort
  • Q&A on Showing Up
  • Q&A on Doing and Seeing
  • Q&A Fear of Action
Self Inquiry & Conscious Observation