The Gift of Heartbreak

90 Minute Video/Audio Exploration & Ebook Transcript

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Heartbreak, whether over a relationship breakup or over a failed endeavor, we are all accustomed to the pain that comes with life just not going how we thought it might.

As with all things that hurt, there is a hidden jewel of discovery that invites us to heal and embrace the opportunity that all pain points toward. Usually, after the initial and understandable shock, we begin to see that whatever this is, is actually to our benefit.

This exploration is an opportunity to explore the many facets of heartbreak and tie them all together. Exposing the spiritual opportunity to draw ourselves nearer to what we truly crave. In this discovery, we don't just 'get over it,' rather, we discover a space that can genuinely celebrate heartbreak and welcome it as a soulful teacher.

"Wow - this one had so many gems and aha/yes that's exactly what happened to me moments 😇🙏🏽 that made me laugh and cry." ~Hilal, USA


  • The Sincere Student
  • The Ancient Opportunity
  • A Sincere Investigation
  • To Surrender Everything
  • Letting Go of Others
  • The Invitation of Life
  • The Mind’s Lie
  • In Conclusion
The Gift of Heartbreak