Seeing Through the Eyes of God

90 minute Video/Audio Exploration, with Ebook Transcript

To see through the eyes of God is an invitation to look at life from a space of absolute wholeness.

Traditionally, and understandably, we are accustomed to looking at life, others, and ourselves from a fearfully conditioned perspective of separation. To look through a lens of separation, which is to believe things, events, and people are inherently separate from one another, will always breed fear, anxiousness, and varying degrees of violence.

Seeing Through the Eyes of God - EbookIn this online Satsang opportunity, Tiger shares a meditative exploration that gently looks at the impossibility of separation, and the real-life opportunity of seeing life with more love, compassion, and freedom. In addition to this, in a playful way, Tiger will speak to the “Nature of God” and offer a depth of understanding that just might melt your heart.



  • The Concept of God
  • God & Wisdom
  • Man’s Narrow Perspective
  • Harmony & Wholeness
  • What We Crave is God/Truth
  • Being Separate From God
  • Beyond the Mind’s Understanding
  • Letting Go of the World
Seeing Through The Eyes of God