Healing the Wound of Inadequacy

A beautiful 2-Hour Audio & Ebook Journey

Audio Preview

Relax, and allow yourself to be fully taken into your heart; allow yourself to remember what is true and heal any sense of brokenness that restricts a joyful breath.

This 6-part, 2-hour audio journey with Tiger Singleton, is a gentle invitation to clarify a painful confusion that sees yourself as not enough. Beautifully crafted with nature sounds, piano music, and emotional tones, this audio journey is truly an experience that transforms the way you see. Originally recorded at a live event, Tiger Singleton shared insight, wisdom, and poetry, in combination with the live and spontaneous music of pianist Caleb Fawcett.

These 6 recordings can be listening to, again and again, each time bringing a new depth of discovery and healing. It's recommended that you find a quiet and undistracted space where you can genuinely devote yourself to be taken in by the words, music, and sounds.

HWI-Healing-the-Wound-of-Inadequacy-Mock-Book-CoverAdditionally, included with the audio journey is a 77-page e-book version in PDF format. In this document, you will find a beautifully displayed written transcription of the journey, where you can dive more deeply into the wisdom, insight, and poetry.

"This is a truth and I am in awe of how you presented it! You truly have a gift. Shine on sweet soul! 🙏🏻💜" ~JanieTennessee, USA

Thank you so much for that beautiful meditation on healing,such wisdom and beauty in the words and music. “ Real healing is the release of arguing” makes sense and hit home with me. All of it was so very helpful as I have “a sadness that won’t leave.” ~Cissy

"This was so powerful. Thank you for speaking to my heart!" ~Doreen
Healing the Wound of Inadequacy