Relax, It's Not Personal; Let It Go

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A Meditative Exploration. It's a tragic comedy, to take things personally. Tragic, because it creates enormous suffering within the heart of what we are. Comedy, because, it's so incredibly not true. Travel inward, during this 46-minute meditative exploration and discover the depth of liberation that waits to be seen.

Very gently, I invite us to look at any pain we might be carrying. Any disturbance that might restrict your breath. Any agitation that fears you might not be free. Any suffering that might be lingering from yesterday. Do you see that somewhere in this pain is a story that makes something personal?

Topics of Exploration:

  • Celebrate the Aliveness
  • Resistance, A Mere Thought
  • The Great Comedy
  • Love is not Personal
  • To Experience Creation
  • Myth Pointing to Discovery
  • Untouched by it All
Relax, It's not personal