Release Your Child in Complete Love

A 14 Lesson Video Course & Ebook

Video Sample (Introduction)


There's a profound relationship opportunity to recognize that your children are not 'your' children; they do not belong to you and are not your property. Furthermore, our fears for them are not really about them, rather, it's an innocent expression of self-inadequacy. Let's open to more love and look beyond fear.

This is approximately a 1 to 2-hour course.


  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 The Parent-Child Relationship
  • 03 Is it Really Love, or Ownership?
  • 04 Where Love is Really Coming From
  • 05 What You Want for Your Child
  • 06 The Courage to Trust
  • 07 Look Within Yourself
  • 08 Life is the Teacher
  • 09 Love Cannot Be Premeditated
  • 10 Your Perception of What a Parent Is
  • 11 Seek Love From Within
  • 12 Don’t Take it Personally
  • 13 The Rules and Boundaries
  • 14 Conclusion
Release Your Child in Complete Love, and Let Go