Release Worry & Trust - Guided Meditation

15 Minute Guided Meditation (Audio)


Take a deep breath and realize you are supported by a conscious and infinite universe. Remember that what you are cannot be touched by the appearances of this world. You are connected. You are whole. You are the universe dancing. Smile, dear one. All is incredibly well.

"That was awesome! This meditation spoke directly to what underlies my worries. What keeps me awake in the middle of the night. Being worried and fearful and scared just keeps me disconnected from the love within me and that surrounds me. Thank you for reminding me I have no need to worry. Loved your calming voice and the background music. 🥰"
Donna, California, USA

"Amazing. Thank you. Really needed that. Instant realignment and remembering. It will go in my favorites. Thank you."

"Wow thank you so much, this was exactly what I needed :) Trust, not worry Love, not fear :) Sending so much gratitude and compassion!"
Rahul, Singapore

"Thank you Tiger, for a gentle reminder to trust and release worry. Will return to it as needed.🤗💖"
Paula, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thank you so much! Wonderful insight. Love the commentary on sincerity, humility, and awareness with the present. Will be sharing this with my family and friends."
Lane Cook

Release Worry & Trust - Guided Meditation