Remember the Truth of What You Are

28 Minute Guided Meditation & Transcript


A gentle opportunity to relax into the present moment and to feel into the truth of what you are. Release the past through forgiveness, and let go of the future; allowing you to come back to the present moment and connect with what’s actually real and true.

"🙏🏽 Absolutely reviving. This being present in the moment business is hard to do every day but thanks to your guidance. I am getting better each day and learning to BREATHE  ~Hilal, Chicago, IL


  • Introduction
  • Breathe… (Let Go of The Past)
  • Can we acknowledge this?
  • Breathe… (Let Go of The Future)
  • Breathe… (Remember the Truth of What You Are)

More Feedback...

This meditation made comfortable within me the importance of the here and now. How much happier and free I feel when I let go of the story. Thank you so much.
Amber Ostblom, Nebraska, USA

Fabulous meditation. Beautiful music. Masterfully produced. Important lesson.
Mark Layne, Westchester, IL

Wow very intensive deep practice
Julia, Vöcklabruck, Austria 

Pure wisdom from a beautiful soul - thank you 🙏
Alison, USA

Always so wonderfully wise and relaxing 🙏
Catrin, Stockholm, Sweden

Just so beautiful... Lovely... So very true... Namaste🙏🏼♥️🕊
Karen Latner, Toronto ON

Remember the Truth of What You Are