Understanding the Cosmic Mirror

A 1- Hour, 6 Part, Meditative Audio Exploration, with Ebook Transcript


Maybe we've heard it before, "Life is a Mirror, a Reflection of the Self." In this 6 part audio series (1HR), Tiger shares profound insight and wisdom that simplifies this mirror and exposes the opportunity to connect with your power as the... creator of all that is.

"Wow. Mind = blown 🤯 (in a good way!). Love listening to your philosophical insights. ❤️❤️❤️"
Tanya, USA


  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 Projector and Canvas
  • 03 Self, Mirror, and Pain
  • 04 Behind the Stories
  • 05 Reflections of Forgiveness
  • 06 Resurrection of Love

Amazing. Thanks for this inquiry and deep understanding🙏
Julia, Vöcklabruck, Austria

Excellent analysis of how we see. Thanks, Tiger
Betty, Chicago, IL

Beautiful exploration!
Paige, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Understanding the Cosmic Mirror