The Absolute Simplicity & Power of Spirituality

1 Hour: A Beautiful 4 Part Audio & Ebook Journey


A Beautiful 4 Part Audio Series & Ebook that invites simplicity to your spiritual journey. Let's look beyond the common noise and remember what this 'being human' thing is all about. Relax, Remember, Enjoy.

Lesson Chapters

  • Part 1 - Beyond All the Noise (17 mins)
  • Part 2 - What is Sacred, True, & Real (12 mins)
  • Part 3 - The Profound Simplicity of Suffering (15 mins)
  • Part 4 - The Real Power, Within (11 mins)


“To recognize this wellness, I recognize this profound permission to return to the present moment and just be. It's almost like I can finally relax, I can relax and open my heart because I know... all is well.”

“In every spiritual practice, regardless of the tradition, it's a doorway into the present moment. In some way or another, this practice invites you to be still, to be present, and recognize what is here and what is true.”

“Spirituality isn't concerned with tomorrow. For the truth knows that if the present moment is tended to with love, kindness, and truth then tomorrow will attend to itself in the most beautiful of ways and in the most true of ways.”

“Real power is a power in stillness. In order to connect with love, peace and freedom, I don't even have to move. Real power recognizes I have everything and there is nothing I am without. This is the real power and spirituality.”

The Absolute Simplicity & Power of Spirituality