Love Remembered; a life worth living

a 4 part 80-minute audio journey with ebook transcript


Explore the interwoven nature of Love in all human experiences. Exposing how Life itself is a playground for LOVE to expand within the human being. This 82-minute exploration will bring relaxation and deep appreciation for everything in life, and everything inside yourself.

"The most incredible thought-provoking message leading to Freedom" ~Karen
Amazing... If God had a voice ❤️ ~Merel
Direct & to the point & mesmerizing! Thank you 🙏 ~Alison


  • The Sincere Investigation 
  • Remembering Love 
  • Beyond My Self-Idea 
  • Not There; Here 
  • Letting Go of the Unreal
  • Seek First… What is True
  • Infinite Compassion
  • The Love in Pain
  • Devoted to Love
  • A Worry About Nothing
  • The End of Conflict
  • Love’s Expansion
  • Love’s Restriction
  • Embrace the Unknown
Love Remembered; a Life worth living