Healing Through Grace

80 minute meditative exploration (Video/Audio/Ebook)

Healing through Grace

1 Hour & 20-minute Video: Healing Through Grace is the opportunity to recognize a healing that's already unfolding, which invites a relaxation and surrender.  In this recognition, we can see that healing is not something we "do," rather it's something we allow.  Included in the course journey is a full PDF & Ebook Transcript.

"Wow, my heart is so touched by this video.  The way you break it down shows me just how real it all is.  So many mind-blowing moments of insight. Thank you thank you thank you.  I see it, the love is not lost, it's just here waiting for me to open my eyes." ~Amber


  • Through Grace
  • The Withheld Love
  • Beyond the Confusion
  • Open, Surrender, Come Home
  • Right On Time; Hooray!
  • Do You Really Know, or..?
  • An Innocent Misidentification
  • Seeing What’s Real

Healing Through Grace