What Am I? Meditative Exploration

Video, Audio, Ebook Transcript

6 Minute Video PREVIEW

This Video, Audio, and Ebook journey take you home to your most sincere nature of being. As we investigate the question "What Am I?" we recognize it's the only real question we have. Also, it's the most ancient question. This exploration simplifies the human quest as we seek to answer an impossible question.

"Absolute 10 stars🌟 thank you, Tiger, that was simply the answer to all questions🙏🏻 When my mind will try to confuse me with questions about who or what I am, and it will I’m sure... This is where I’ll turn for tranquillity and space💝"
Ellen, Paradijs, Netherlands


  • One Question: “What Am I?”
  • But What About?
  • Joy Beyond the Question
  • The Answer of "I Am"
  • Nothing to Capture
  • Beyond What I Think is Happening
  • Looking for the Self
  • Withholding Love
  • Acceptance & Rejection
  • Nothing is in the Way
  • How is Life Supposed to Look?
  • The Birth of Love & Allowing

"Tiger, the many truths & delusions about the self were revealed in this inquiry and rocked me to my core. I'm giggling at the paradoxical nature of how I for once have no serious questions, only playful curiosity. Namaste my fellow earth angel 🙏♥️"
Dhan, Melbourne, Australia

"How did you become so wise at such a young age? (ps. this is most likely the best string of words I've ever heard, excellent tempo tone & timbre too)"
Tyler, New York, USA