Relax | Enjoy | Nurture

From the moment you arrive, you’ll be taken care of; no stress. You’ll get pick up from the airport and taken directly to meet with Tiger.

Provided will be a loosely held outline with a daily schedule, and all your transportation, food, lodging, and activities will be included on your private retreat.

Your heart and being will be nurtured, and you can trust every need will be met with compassion, care, and genuine service.

By the Beach | in the City | or in Nature

The opportunity is for an individual, or couple, to connect with Tiger in a direct and undistracted way for 3 to 5 days.

No spiritual pretense here and no trying to fit in; just an intimate exploration with a guide who will gently expose the real-life opportunity of your human experience. And, have a bit of fun.

Choose your ideal location and Tiger will organize a private retreat experience that nurtures every part of you.

Private Portugal Retreat Location


Laugh | Cry | Expand

This is not merely a chance to check out of your life and relax. Rather, it will be a deliberate excavation of conscious and unconscious limitations in your chosen topic of exploration.

You will laugh, cry, and deeply open to a new way of perceiving yourself and the reality in which you dance. All while being deeply held in a presence that accepts you completely. Nothing will be held back, and Tiger will speak with the directness you’ve waiting for.

Satsang | Meditation | Integration

To sit together with Tiger is to create an immediate exchange of not just wisdom and knowledge, but also an energetic exchange. Often times in groups it can be easy to become distracted and wander off, that won’t be possible here. Each day at this private and personalized retreat experience, Tiger’s sole focus will be on serving your heart and being present to the subtle opportunities that will keep you focused and on point.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please request more information.


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