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30 Days of
Conscious Living

An Online Video Course for seeing beyond the mind's noise, so you can open up, fear less, and love more.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days of Conscious Living 2
conscious living mo testimonial
conscious living mo testimonial
conscious living testimonial stars
conscious living testimonial stars

No words; life changing! Thank you, Tiger…🙏

Life-Changing Insights

15-minutes per day for 30 days

If you crave clarity, a deeper understanding of your human journey and the sacred connection between You and Life, then this Online Course is for you.  

Tiger developed this online course, not only as a 30-day deep dive, but as a valuable resource, you can take with you for the rest of your life. 

  • Week 1: To Be Conscious
  • Week 2: Conscious Relating
  • Week 3: Conscious Creating
  • Week 4: Conscious Healing

The Painful Struggle

It's our innocent misunderstandings that create so much unnecessary struggle and pain.

Life and being human is the process of remembering the truth of your nature. The journey is one where you heal the confusion and open your heart to trust more deeply the miracle you're swimming in. 

This online course serves to accelerate that process, by giving you tools and insights that cut through the mind's noise and makes your path of discovery more clear, grounded, and… playful. 

Alysha Graham Testimonial
conscious living testimonial stars

“Tiger's 30 days of conscious living course is so incredibly helpful for the health of the mind and heart.

He playfully, yet very directly, leads me to a place of clear insight, beyond the mind's addiction to worrying about all the problems or fantasies of things not here right now.

His insight and wisdom lead me, again and again, to a deep remembering that 'ALL is well.'

The accessibility of the 30 short 15-minute videos will benefit me far beyond 30 days.”

~Alysha Graham  

conscious living sheryl testimonial
conscious living sheryl testimonial
conscious living testimonial stars
conscious living testimonial stars

This course is exceptionally good and I plan to return to it again as there will be richness that I missed. Tiger’s insights are simple and sincere and also mind blowing. I will go play! Thank you.


Over 1,300 Students

Average rating of 4.93/5.0

Why do people love this course so much?

  • People love Tiger's “non-serious” but deeply sincere approach to spirituality. He's not telling you what to do or how to do it. Rather, he's guiding you inward to see that you already know. 
  • The course is digestible, practical, and delivered in a way that doesn't demand a lot of your time.  In as little as 15 minutes per day, you'll start to notice profound shifts in how you see yourself and the world
  • Profound insights not found anywhere else. If you're already a fan of Tiger's unique flavor of sharing, then you know he has this way of speaking that blows your mind and opens your heart. 
  • Depth of Exploration. This course covers 4 primary areas of the human journey; self understanding, relationships, creativity, and the process of healing. 
conscious living testimonial stars

I just finished experiencing Day 7: Love's Resurrection and was struck by the power of your words around “love and acceptance”. I literally said “Wow” out loud.  

— Denise | MAYNARD, MA

I am enjoying this course. I like to listen to each day twice. I get something out it each time. Hearing your laughter helps too. It helps me to stay light with the depth of what you share. Not take myself seriously. Thank you

— Kathie Wilkins | SEATTLE, WA

Thank you so much for this class. I'm listening for the 2nd time. I find myself being grateful for opportunities to see things from another perspective 🙏


100% Money-Back Guarantee

money back Guarantee

IF… FOR ANY REASON you don't find value in this course, you have 90 days to get a full refund; no questions asked; 1 click refund. 

The 30 Day Outline

The lesson titles you'll find in the course

Each lesson includes…

  • A 15-minute video with Tiger exploring the topic with you.

    • Optionally, there's an audio only version for easy listening.

  • A written transcript of the lesson for deeper integration.

  • thought-provoking questions and prompts for integrating the insights and wisdom in your daily life.

  • Upon completing the course, receive a full e-book of the course that contains a transcript of all 30 lessons for convenient review.

  • Optionally, take the course on our phone app for easy access.

Week 1: To Be Conscious

Week 1_ To Be Conscious
  • Day 1: Awake to Life
  • Day 2: Beyond the Dream
  • Day 3: The Here & Now
  • Day 4: Truth Beyond the Mind
  • Day 5: Wholeness in All Things
  • Day 6: A Deep Acceptance
  • Day 7: Love’s Resurrection

Week 1: Conscious Relating

Week 2_ Conscious Relating
  • Day 8: Do I See You?
  • Day 9: A Cosmic Mirror
  • Day 10: The Great Letting Go
  • Day 11: Holding Space
  • Day 12: Courage to be Sincere
  • Day 13: Authentic Connection
  • Day 14: Grow in Love

Week 3: Conscious Creating

Week 3_ Conscious Creating
  • Day 15: The Real Prize
  • Day 16: A Playful Journey
  • Day 17: Success is Failure
  • Day 18: Heart First
  • Day 19: Trust, Not Hope
  • Day 20: Moving through Fear
  • Day 21: It’s Already Done

Week 4: Conscious Healing

Week 4_ Conscious Healing
  • Day 22: A Return to Wholeness
  • Day 23: The Truth Sets You Free
  • Day 24: Painful Separation
  • Day 25: Change the Past
  • Day 26: Nowhere to Go, Surrender
  • Day 27: Embrace Your Humanness
  • Day 28: All is Forgiven

Wrap Up: Conscious Living

Wrap Up_ Conscious Living
  • Day 29: The Miracle of Being Alive
  • Day 30: Gratitude for All that Is

Ready to Explore?

rymma 30 Days of Conscious Living
rymma 30 Days of Conscious Living
conscious living testimonial stars
conscious living testimonial stars

Great course ! As all of Tiger’s work. Sincere, honest, and playful. I will come back for a repeat 🔁