2) Let's Just Be Here - Meditate Now

Let's Just Be Here - Guided Meditation

👇🏽 Meditation Transcript

Welcome to this meditation space

The intent here is to be still together, allow ourselves to come home to this moment.

Along this journey, I'll share some insight and wisdom that guides us home.

So, wherever you find yourself, just allow yourself to drop into a relaxation.

It's recognizing a permission that you extend to what you are, to just be here.

The intent of meditation isn't to stop anything from happening, we're not trying to get anywhere, we just enter a space of allowing.

As you're relaxed, we can allow the environment to be the environment, all the noises to be the noises, the sensations to be the sensations, the smells to be the smells, and the thoughts to be the thoughts.

One thing we'll notice, as we are here, is that whether we want it to or not, the mind will do what the mind does; it'll think, thoughts will come, thoughts will go.

I invite us to recognize the opportunity to not stop the thinking, but rather to not think about the thinking.

Focus on the Breath

Guided Meditation - Let's Just Be Here & Breathe

We can focus on the breath, just noticing that it's here, it moves in and out.

We can just rest here with the breath. We can also recognize that whatever we think is happening, isn't really happening.

Whatever we think is just a story being told, a way of perceiving. But beyond that story, beyond the thoughts about what is, there is just what is.

Can you allow yourself to connect with what is?

Even if it's just for right now. It becomes easier to connect with what is, if we just allow what is to be what is. No wanting it to be this or that, no pushing, no pulling, just allow.

If you notice yourself being taken away by thought, rather than judging the thought, we can just notice a curiosity, "That's interesting", and then come back to right now. Because that will happen.

We can acknowledge how easy it is for the mind to get taken up by thought. We start believing in the dream, that's fine, and just come back to this moment.

If something feels like it wants to run away, maybe it seems like it's too hard, that's fine, but stay here with me... just for a little bit, and remember the breath, feel it move in, and feel it move out.

One thing that we can recognize is that, the more we come back to this moment, the more we connect with what's really happening, things become a lot less serious. We can recognize that the seriousness, the tension... it's held in the mind, thinking about our thinking.

Thoughts Come, and Thoughts Go

Thoughts Come & Go - Guided Meditation

It's funny, because, the mind thinks that it's not okay to not think about the thinking, it seems vital and important, and maybe it is at some time, but right now we're being still, we're taking a moment to connect with that space beyond the mind.

It's like allowing ourselves to recharge in what's real.

Naturally, this will help the thinking process when it's time for that. But again, right now we're just here.

You see these thoughts that arise, they're just like noises that might arise, they can come and go. Just like a noise might arise, you can think about the noise and create more noise, but if you just let it come and go, it can be what it is, it doesn't have to be noisy.

Thoughts are the same way, they arise and fall.

For me, as I sit here, there's the sound of the roosters outside. I can think, "wow, what an interruption to my meditation."

Not really, it's just life being life.

Allow Peace to Breathe Through You

Peaceful Breathing Meditation

You probably feel a greater degree of relaxation, maybe some more peace, and let's allow that relaxation to really move throughout the whole body. We can recognize that peace in our toes, and allow it to flow up into our ankles. Let that peace drift up your legs, and maybe let it rest in your knees for a moment. Then, let that peace slowly move up into the rest of your body.

As you breathe in, bring that peace up into your chest. Let it expand within you, and as you exhale, let that peace flow out through your arms and feel it in your fingertips.

If you're feeling a greater sense of peace, just notice how nothing has changed, you just came home. You recognized what's actually happening, you're here right now, and all is well.

Now, as you continue on in your day, you will embrace the great adventure, and maybe you can take with you this allowing... allow the sounds to be the sounds, allow the smells to be the smells.

Maybe, allow people to be people, and regardless of what appears to be happening, there will be this breath moving in and out, and that breath is held by a peace that's always there, just waiting to be seen.

Thanks for taking this moment to meditate with me, and maybe we'll have the chance to do it again in the future.