79) Transced Human Suffering - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

to this moment
let's hang out
for about
five minutes
I wonder
if we can connect
with a space
that totally
allows yourself
to just be
let's just
be here
can we recognize
the dream
for the dream?
whatever it is
you might appear
to be suffering about?
can we see
just how much
it's wrapped up
in the minds
in all the stories?
not that
we have to add
more thinking to it
but just
see that
all of those stories,
all of those excuses,
all of that blame
can you see that
in the most
innocent way
there's simply
an aspect
of yourself
that scared?
can you see that
this aspect
of yourself
that scared
feels disconnected
from the truth
of what you are?
can you see that
this aspect
of yourself
that you are
the character
in your dream?
can we invite
that aspect
of yourself
into this moment?
where what you are
is enough?
where what you are
is not missing anything?
let us breathe
into the reality
of this moment,
into the truth of life
let our breath
guide us
back home
and breathe in
the aliveness
of this moment
hold space
for yourself
dear one,
hold space
for yourself
in a way that
allows your human
to have a
human experience
but yet there's
a deep insincere part
of what you are
that knows
everything's okay,
that knows it's
all just a dream
thank you
for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —