76) Rest in the Stillness of Your True Self - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

to rest
in the stillness
of our true selves
can we just
do that
for a second?
in the business
of scrolling
social media,
in the business
of a thousand things
to do
can we just
be here
right now?
and recognize
the sweetness
of what is
real and true
what we are
rather than
maybe unconsciously
running away
from all of the
what we are
what does
that mean
to rest
in the stillness
of our
true selves?
you know
in the sweetest
and maybe
most direct way
it's asking
the question
can we just
be here
not be here,
thinking our way
out of here
but just be
and the
funny thing
our true self
is it's not
that you can
think about
in the recognition
of that,
we can just
stop thinking
if the intention
is to rest
in the stillness
of our true selves
the thinking
isn't gonna
find it
so we can
just be
you can breathe in
to the stillness
of your true self
and that
true self
is just here
it's a very
to just be
one of the doorways
into the
true self
is to realize
that everything
that the mind
it's not that
the mind
can only see
its images,
it's imagination
and the truth
of what you are
is not imaginary
and so we can
set aside
all of the thinking
just for a moment
and just be
can you just connect
with me
in that space?
just be
doesn't have
to be awkward
if we just
sit here and stare
at each other
but let's just be
and maybe
the silliness
of it all
I'm right there
with you
in all
of that silliness
and it's okay
that there is
that silliness
of who we think
we are and...
our ten thousand
racing in all directions
that's fine
but right now
we're just
taking a moment
to just be
and sense
that stillness
and it's the stillness
that's always there,
even when you're
lost thinking
that's what I love
about that stillness
is it's just here
and so blessed
we are
to take a moment
and just recognize it
and then
when you forget
about that stillness,
you go
on a great adventure
into the noisiness
of the mind
that's fine too
It's fine
because of the stillness
never actually leaves
In the same way
when you
fall asleep
at night,
it's fine
that you dream
whatever you dream
because you're fine
doesn't matter
what you dream
the reality
of what you are
still here,
holding complete,
untouched by the dream
and you see,
that's the stillness
I'm talking about
that no matter
what you think,
no matter
what you dream,
you're still here,
the truth of
what you are
by it all
just breathe
with each breath,
you can just
the release
of whatever
anxiety might
be there
and to
whatever degree
that you can
you're just inviting
more stillness
you don't have to
the ultimate stillness
just invite
a little
more stillness
Isn't it amazing?
how this
is just always here?
the same stillness
It's like you can
the same stillness
when you were
a child
just this presence
that's been
the whole time
and simply
on top
of that presence,
there's just been
new stories,
new patterns
of thinking,
new adventures
and yet
the stillness
all right
are you
a little bit
more relaxed?
for me
what always helps
is just recognizing
the humor
in it all
how lost
I can get
how captured
I can become
by the minds
thinking that
what I'm thinking
is really happening
and then
to say,
"Oh! It got me!"
"I thought it was real!"
oh my goodness
thanks for sharing
that moment with me

— End of Guided Meditation —