71) Relax, It's Not Personal - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

welcome to this space
we're just
gonna be here
for a few moments
can you relax?
with me?
can you give
yourself permission?
to let go
of everything else
for just right now
and totally fall in
to the present moment
just you and I
here right now
hangin' out
we're gonna just take
three deep breaths
and allow ourselves
to become
more and more present
and we can just
let go
of all the thoughts
don't need to
hold on to 'em
don't need to
push them away
we're just
gonna be here
let's breathe
whatever pain
or tension
you might be with
whatever it is
that you might be
taking personally
I invite you
to just recognize
a profound truth
that truth being that
your tension
and emotional disturbance
isn't really responding
to what someone said
or what someone did
or how things went
or how they didn't go
but it's responding
to what you think
it means
about you
whether it's about
what you think
your future is
whether it's about
you being enough
or being loved
see that there are
these assumptions
taking place,
the stories
being told
that are attaching
a meaning
that isn't really there
we're just believing
that it's true
and that's okay
It just hurts
the good news is
we can hang out
in this moment
and look
beyond all those stories
and see that
in this moment
right now
that's not really true
so my invitation
is to breathe
into reality
without that story
just seeing that
it doesn't really
mean that
about you
sure, you might
be scared
Sure, maybe it's not
what you wanted
but again
the fear in the pain
is assuming that
it somehow means
you're not enough
and so
we're gonna hang out
in this moment
we're gonna take
three more
deep breaths
and you're just
going to
release that story,
release that tension,
and feel in
to the deeper truth
of what's actually happening
and maybe
what's actually happening
is that
you don't know
what's happening
and that's okay
let's be present
let's breathe
and let's release
some tension
just breathe
let's do
three more breaths
okay, let's breathe
do you see
the profound difference?
between the life
that's here
right now?
and the story about
what we think
is happening,
what we think
things mean
and none of
what we are thinking
is actually happening
yeah, we get lost
in the minds content
that happens sometimes
but the good news is
we can take a moment,
we can be still,
and we can discern
the difference between
our imagination
and reality
thanks for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —