70) A Playful Heart - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

my goodness, my goodness,
my goodness
let's hang out here
for just
a very short while
and see
if we can come home
to the present moment
and reconnect
with a playful heart
Let's just find
our way back
to right now
by inviting
some breaths
and relaxing
to whatever degree
we can relax
to whatever degree
a playful heart
might seem absent
can we just
take a moment
and find some humor
in the minds
to be so serious?
I mean, really
here we are
in this moment
It's just
you and I
here now
yet the mind
can be lost
in ten thousands
serious things
that have absolutely
nothing to do
with right now
It's like the mind
is just determined
to be serious
and so
in the spirit of that
we're just gonna
come back
to reality
and give
the mind
a break
and in
coming back to reality
maybe we can recognize
that actually
right now
there's nothing
to be serious about
and sure
the mind might
have its argument
with that
and if it's
so determined
to be serious
we can invite
the transformation of
a serious affair
into a great adventure
we can allow
our heart
to play
with what we imagined
to be a serious thing
oh my goodness
how many
serious things
have we imagined
in all the years passed
only to find ourselves
here right now
wrapped in life's wellness
having the reality
of what we are
to be totally
taken care of
and even in that
the mind might have
its list of things
that thinks is missing
it's serious list
but yet those things
are just thoughts
about things
that aren't really here
right now
so again
come back
to right now
can we see
the difference
between the minds noise
and the reality
of this moment?
I understand
that's difficult
but can we get
close to seeing that
right now?
that like, "Oh my God"
there's so much noise
so much serious noise,
so many serious thoughts
but that's not here
right now
what is here?
right now?
it feels like
in the release
of every gram
or ounce of seriousness
has a chance
to emerge
with every
deep breath
of relaxation
we start to remember
that life
is an opportunity
and not a problem
an opportunity to explore,
to discover
which is all
to say
potential play
this is the great
gift of life
to be here
on this planet
not really understanding
anything that's going on
but yet
it's beautiful
beauty can be seen
I guess the question is
am I looking
to see the beauty?
or am I looking
for things to validate
my seriousness?
I have a feeling
you're gonna find
whatever you look for
life seems
to be a bit
magical that way
alright, lovely
for meditating with me today
now, go play

— End of Guided Meditation —