68) Open the Eyes of Your Heart - Meditate Now

Video Version - Guided Meditation

Audio Version - Guided Meditation


Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

there can be
so much noise
in the mind
yet to come back
to reality
there's no noise
at all
there is only
a stillness
where all
the appearance
of things
come and go
let's connect
with that stillness
let us melt
into the space
that allows
for all things
to be
let us be open
to see life
with brand new eyes
may we surrender
the fantasy,
may we surrender
the illusions
allowing them
to be what they are
an expression of play
but they do not hold
the price
you're looking for,
they do not hold
they do not hold
what is true
even if it's just
for right now
we can lay
those things down
and come home
to the real
we're gonna end
with three deep breaths
and allow the totality
of what we are
to embrace the reality
of this moment
and on the exhale
we will release
all that is not
here right now
let's breathe
my friend
you've already
been given
the only gift
there is
the truth of life
contains everything
you could possibly
because what you
really crave
is a craving
for what is real
what you really crave
is the truth
of life
and that gift
has already been given
may we open the eyes
of our heart
and discover
a profound willingness
to truly see
thanks for meditating with me today

— End of Guided Meditation —