The Mother of Unconditional Love

The Mother of Unconditional Love

Imagine for a moment a mother who loves unconditionally and who is keenly aware that there is nothing real to fear in life. Yet, she’s aware that, as humans, we experience fear as a doorway to seeing beyond fear.

For herself, this mother knows that all is well and everything in life is intimately tied together in the most beautiful of ways. Ultimately, everything is doing what it does so that this miracle of life can be the miracle that it is.

Now, imagine this mother has a 10-year-old child. Ask yourself…

“What does this mother want for her child?”

Take a moment to reflect on that.

Mmmm… She looks into the eyes of her sweet child and sees a beautiful human on a unique journey; an adventure where this child gets to explore the miracle of life and discover just how miraculous life is and how much love there is to be seen, felt, and shared.

She smiles so sweetly and softly and whispers…

“My dear child, I love you. What I want for you is to fully experience this gift of life, to have your journey, whatever that may entail, and find your own way home to the truth of what you are.”

This mother knows that her role is to hold space for such a journey to unfold. She guides where she can, listens when it's time to listen, and speaks only when it's time to speak. Any correction she might offer is simply an invitation to see things with more love.

While also knowing…

  • These invitations (corrections) are planted seeds that might not start sprouting for many years to come. She releases the child to see what they can see, trusting that the child is precisely where they are meant to be for their particular and sacred journey.

Unconditional Love

This unconditional love, and the analogy of the mother, speaks to both the opportunity of how we can hold space for others, AND… the ways that Life/God holds space for us to have our human journey.

We are invited to allow the Love of Life/God to be reflected through our human experience, and then share that love with the world. We, as humans, are the prism through which the Light/love of Life and God shines brilliantly in a vast array of unique colors and patterns.

There is no demand here; there is nothing that says you should or that you have to; all is an invitation, an opportunity. Such an invitation points us to see that this is, actually, what we really want.

Beyond the imaginings of what we “think” we want, the illusions of self-importance or the clinging to false securities, what we truly crave is to see this unconditional love more clearly. And… to allow it to flow through the vessel of what we are.

But of course, this is why we are here; this is the soul function of the human experience.

The Journey Home

My goodness, when I remember these things, I feel my humanity melting into a gentle softness that opens up a little more. Breath by breath, with each inhale and exhales, I surrender my silly agendas that innocently forgot the point of it all.

Yes, they are “innocent” misunderstandings, serving the purpose of bringing clarity and insight that allows the heart to expand. Just as we may forget God's love, that too is innocent, and it serves to facilitate a beautiful remembering. This, of course, is what it means to grow, to discover, and to be human.

In our openness to be guided, in our beautiful humility that acknowledges where we fail to see God’s love, Life finds a way to whisper to our hearts; offering the perfect encouragement to help us see things a little more clearly, a little more lovingly.

Just as the child will get scared and lost, even doubting the mother’s love, the Love that is there -remains. Mother’s embrace is not distant; it’s never withheld. We simply have to find our way home.

Maybe the question is:

  • Are you open to that? Are you open to returning home? Or, are you still fighting for the silly illusions in the world, hoping to one day capture what you only “think” you want?

Perhaps, it’s time. Time to see what you really want, why you are really here, and the sacred opportunity of being YOU, as a beautiful reflection of God’s Love.

Doesn’t it make you curious?

Curious to know how such a return to Love might affect every aspect of your life, all your relationships, and how you show up in the world?

Of course, it does – because… this is why we are here.

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