55) Let Love be Shared - Meditate Now

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Written Transcript of the Guided Meditation:

we're gonna take
a very quick journey
into the heart
we can compassionately
and very, very gently
our own
withholding of love
not that it's wrong,
not that it shouldn't be
but we can just see it
and say,
oh, my goodness
I have been
denying myself
the love
that I crave
by not
allowing myself
to share the love
that I am
oh, my goodness
and in the sweetest
and most loving way
we can say to ourselves
oh, my dear
I see you
and I'm so sorry
and I want you to know
that I love you
I just got scared
thank you for understanding
thank you for going
on this human journey
with me
as we are clearly
in this together
I'm sorry
I've taken things personally
that aren't really personal
I'm sorry
that I've made things serious
that aren't really serious
I'm sorry
that I put the opinions of others
above the relationship
that we share together
I'm sorry, I was confused
I do love you
we're gonna get through this together
and we're gonna be more open
for life's help
we're gonna be more open
to being kind to ourselves
so that we can
authentically be kind
to the world
we're gonna let that sink in
and we're gonna take
three big deep breaths
we are going to
inhale the depth
of this discovery
the, oh, my goodness
oh, my goodness
oh, my goodness
and we're going to
exhale the fear
knowing that it's all okay
let's breathe
there's been a thousand times
in this journey
called life
that we thought
we weren't gonna make it
and yet here we are
not only here we are
but as we see reality clearly,
as we see ourselves clearly
we can see
that we are whole
and complete
we're not really
missing anything
so now it's time
to honor the life
that we've been given
and honor this
discovery of love
that life has shared
with us
so let us continue on
in our evening
or day
with a spirit
of love
and play
thanks for meditating with me

— End of Guided Meditation —